Karl Lagerfeld-the Kaiser of Chanel!

Hi girls!!! Today we will talk about one of the masters of current fashion, the designer Karl Lagerfed. As well as Coco Chanel, who left for humanity more than the legacy of the little black dress, Karl Lagerfeld, the kaiser of Chanel, also gives us much more than looks amazing.

You’ve probably heard the name Karl Lagerfeld. He is simply one of the greatest designers of today. Known as the master of reinvention and by being able to transform from head to toe the marks under his command, and there are few brands under the command of stylist.

Today, at the age of 78 years, is he who signs the collections for Fendi (and does so since 1965) and Chanel (since 1983), and take care of the brand that bears his name and his work as a photographer with several books published – one of them turned into exhibition, The Little Black Jacket that passed by Brazil.

When she accepted the invitation to take care of Chanel, many people doubted their ability, but Karl showed once again that his energy to work is tireless and not afraid of new challenges. So much so that reinvigorated a brand whose elegance and dignity were run over by jeans and miniskirts.

As Coco Chanel, the Kaiser also inspires us with its humorous phrases and super fashionistas, affectionately called “Karlismo”. These pearls of wisdom, which already had a special page on the official website of stylist turned book and should arrive at newsstands in the world sometime this year.