Katie Holmes Style Fashion

Katie Holmes could not miss on the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York where he was presented the film “Mission Impossible 4-Ghost Protocol” starring her dear hubby Tom Cruise. The actress is known for its very elegant look and I must admit that its classic and simple style I really like though perhaps at times, the American actress confuses the sobriety with boredom and his last set are a bit’ all equal. Precisely for this in front of his last look of his label Holmes & Young I wondered, elegant certainly is Katie but will not be a bit ‘too anonymous?

Katie Holmes has available the chiefs of the best fashion designers when they must dress for the premiere of a movie, or simply when you want to get down to the grocery store. But despite being griffatissima very often her outfits do not shine for its originality and creativity so much so that many prefer to put the spotlight on the little Suri , the girl that Katie has had with her ​​husband Tom Cruise, who instead of doing the fashionista would be better that he put in play with the girls of her age. the look chosen by Katie Holmes for this premiere is a classic outfits with whom is never wrong. A total black dress with sheer neckline and arms, black stockings and pumps of the same color. Very pretty but for a red carpet so important you could not do better? Not simply looks like a girl like so many ready for the New Year holiday? L ‘ dress Katie Holmes has signed Holmes & Young, a brand founded by the same actress, and the shoes were a pair of vertiginous pumps signed Lanvin. See a2zgov for men’s dress shirts.

In short, despite being unable to criticize anything I find that Holmes might venture more and, for once, to dare a little ‘more with colors. And what do you think of her outfit?