Kazam – a Slightly Different Smartphonehersteller

Kazam is a relatively young company. Only last year it was founded. The European company will occur with a slightly different approach to the Smartphonemarkt. Instead on high-end equipment, they put on a special customer service and greater customer proximity. They offer devices in three product categories. Something should be there for everyone.

Two former HTC employees founded a new company last year in large Britain. You have set the objectives to build high-quality equipment for the masses, and to pay special attention to customer service.

The phones from Kazam were divided into three main categories. The “Thunder” series is up until now from a mid-range Smartphone. More to follow soon. The Thunder Q4. 5 one has in addition to a 4.5 inch screen 8 mega pixel camera and a quad-core processor. In addition a battery with 1. 800mAh.

The ‘Trooper’ series is the entry-level at Kazam. The smartphones all have the same design and similar facilities. Depending on the unit size is bigger, just like the battery, the camera a tick better and the processor a little faster. Nevertheless all the very same.

The third class consists of the Kazam “Life” called feature phones. I’m here don’t keep going on this.

All smartphones by Kazam have a dual SIM functionality, delivered with Android 4.2 and cost under €200.That’s definitely an announcement. Also smartphones running Android 4.4 will be presented in the future.

Yet another product category is being considered for the summer. In the “tornado” series smartphones will be sold with an eight-core processor. You will blow up border but also the €200.

An unusual customer service

Kazam offers a rather unusual and even unique customer service to every selling smartphone. A remote help and display insurance.

Since most models of Kazam are rather aimed at Smartphone beginners, this special service by Kazam also makes sense. If the user has a problem with its Smartphone, it can be directly on an employee by Kazam. This can then take control of the Smartphone from the distance and try to solve the problem. The user must allow of course the employees once by entering the code access to the device.

Anyone who has a new smartphone wants the second service. It has happened to many people. Once released flies the Smartphone on the floor and breaks the display. Kazam has created not the unbreakable display, but a service that replaces the display of a Kazam smartphones within 72 hours. If this is not possible the entire device is replaced. And the completely free of charge. As long as it happens only once. And only in the first 12 months after purchase. But anyway: As a performance one would wish for other manufacturers.

Even if the Smartphone by Kazam does not get to the flagships of the competition, there are interesting devices. Especially for beginners, such a Smartphone can be the right choice. Well, I find the unique customer service and the wide range of products, which holds something for almost everyone.