Keep an Eye Open!

Hello people! As it was the weekend of you? Ready for another busy week and more a game of Brazil – even without our playmaker Neymar?  How about separating their lucky charms for this game? One of the most cherished of Brazilians is the Greek Eye, that has as main purpose to protect us from negative energies, such as the evil eye and envy!

But more than a symbol of luck, this accessory fashion and status won turned “must have”, making our wardrobe not just on bracelets and necklaces but also in dresses – especially with a surrealist footprint of KENZO, he dominated the streets and pictures of street style. Up on the wishlist of many people, including the mine, hehehe!

Who also abused that the blogger Chiara Ferragni was print, blog the Blond Salad, she chose the eye to illustrate several pieces of his collection of shoes and bags!

So don’t forget to prepare your amulet, whether traditional, like our good old Greek eye, whether using and abusing this fashionista print that has won our hearts.