Kitchen Envelopes: 25 Creative Decorating Ideas!

Most women (and even men), when marrying or living alone, like to take care of the house and especially the decor and style of the environments to suit their personalities. For those who like to cook and make different dishes, kitchen ornaments are fundamental to make the space more pleasant and cozy.
Remembering that the decorative items vary according to each style, and they are fundamental to make your kitchen modern, beautiful and alternative. In addition, the decor can be made up of several things, from pots with food, to items for the dining table, curtains, carpets, pendants for the bench , etc.
Anyone can decorate, just focus on a style, follow a pattern and act with parsimony so that it is not exaggerated. After all, the kitchen is an environment that needs to be organized and cleaned always for the preparation of meals, as well as for the cafes. So before you go out shopping, keep in mind the available space, if the items can disturb the circulation and use of the utensils, or if they will generate a lot of dust to clean!
Prioritize functional kitchen trimmings, such as colorful kitchenware, pots, pans, dishes, and useful accessories in general. And if your goal is to ally beauty to practicality, bet on ornaments that you can hang or lean against the wall without harming space.
Tips for cooking ornaments
The area of ​​architecture and decoration has grown a lot in recent years because there are many novelties and trends that are presented at specific events and fairs. So much so that even the colors of the kitchens have changed and the style is becoming more modern. The market in this segment offers a huge variety of kitchen decorations and options to decorate this environment.
Thus, the residents can find ornaments that match the personality of the house and can express exactly what the person wants and their tastes. The decorations vary and depend a lot on what you want to have in your kitchen, because the environment needs to be harmonious.
In addition to visual harmony, the kitchen décor should be practical, accessible and useful to facilitate the use of the cacarecos, in addition to bringing more dynamism in the place. Therefore, decorations should be used to embellish and still leave the place more practical and more accessible to the residents.
Decorative objects are used on desks, counters, shelves and cabinets, on the stove, in the refrigerator and even in the sink. It is worth noting that you do not have to spend a lot to have a nice and cool kitchen, on the contrary, from the recycling it is possible to prepare beautiful crafts and leave the place quite different.
In fact, simple details make the difference and anyone is able to customize the kitchen and leave it with a new face, in addition to adding more charm to the environment. Here are some suggestions:
Vases:If the kitchen follows a clean style and you want a little more life, buy colorful vases and plant the spices you like best. Another option is to buy white, glass, wood or stainless steel vases, and put colorful plants and flowers to liven up the environment.
Niches and shelves:Very useful and great for filling with souvenirs and nice things. Use raw wood for a more rustic look; paint them with cheerful colors for a more fun and youthful look; or paint the wood in white and install wrought iron French hands for a more romantic or even shabby chic look.
Trash cans:If the trash bin is exposed on the countertop, the best thing to do is make it nice. Soon, you can give a hint of fun to the kitchen using decorated trash cans.
Pots:Organize your foods and seasonings. Put them in glass jars with labels or writing materials, such as contact chalkboard, which accepts chalk.
Lamps:For an American kitchen, the ideal is to use pendants on the countertop. They are perfect for lighting the dining area and additionally add style and help in decorating. For more tips on this, check out our post that deals with the subject by clicking here.
Fruteira:Nothing like using nature in our favor. Enjoy to let the colorful fruits and vegetables show and give life to your little corner.
Rugs:Ideally, carpets should be non-slip, and if they are beautiful, better yet! For a different look, bet on unusual shapes, like round ones.
Toolbar:Something very common is choosing a color (ex: red) and buying silicone utensils, pans and electroportables of the chosen color. You do not have to choose a single color, it depends a lot on your style and the desired proposal. Anyway, if it is to buy these colored items, you can not hide them in the drawer, right? Buy a bar and leave them exposed on the counter wall! So the use will be much more practical and break, will beautify the kitchen.
Curtains:There are several models of different styles. If you want a more modern and clean look, you can opt for a stainless steel shade! On the other hand, if you like more delicate things, a lacy curtain or string is perfect.
Mugs:When we talk about modern ornaments for the kitchen that are beautiful and useful, soon comes to mind the mugs and cups decorated. How about assembling niches on the wall and storing their colorful and fun models in them, or hanging them in a panel? What is beautiful is to be shown, remember that!
Themed items:A very cool idea is to use objects with a kitchen theme in an unusual way, such as a noodle drainer such as chandelier or fruit bowl, dishes or large decorative cutlery on the wall, etc.
Hooks and Dish Cloth Backing : The hooks should be away from the stoves and separated to not fill with grease. There are many types, colors and shapes for you to find the most fun object.
Tile:If you want to innovate, the wall with personalized tiles and hydraulic tiles with different touches make the kitchen more charming.
Tile adhesives:If, on the other hand, you intend to repaginate the space without breaking-up or too much expense, an alternative are the hydraulic tile adhesives on the pediment of the bench.
Personalized refrigerator:When we talk about sticker there are, in fact, many options. You can, for example, adhesive your refrigerator, making it super stylish!
Chalkboard:Still talking about stickers, we can mention the blackboard type, with varied formats, where you can write with chalk recipes, reminders and anything else. For radical and impactful change, you can paint an entire wall of paint on the chalkboard and make many arts on it. The cool thing is that you can update it at any time with new designs.
Salt shaker and chopstick : These kitchen trimmings seem simple, but you can find them in the most diverse models, from the most basic and cheap to the most modern and ingenious.
Bibelôs:Separate a space from your shelf or cabinets to put dolls and characters to make the environment more fun and joyful. By the end of the year, Santa Claus, trenas and presents are beautiful and make the place even more special.
How about organizing the bags with a pretty fucking bag? There are many models, from the simplest and most modern ones you can make, even the most cute craftsmen.
Napkin holder:Saving on the napkin and paper towel in a suitable container makes all the difference when it comes to receiving your guests, as well as bringing more hygiene and organization into your kitchen.
Clock and wall decorations for the kitchen : Remember that it is important to also optimize the kitchen and make the most of the decorations and objects to become multifunctional. You can even add comics, wall clocks with culinary prints, vertical gardens, and other ornaments that will leave your kitchen perfect and with an incredible layout.
After all, decorating the space with beautiful and original kitchen ornaments leave you full and much more pleasing and attractive so that the residents and even the visitors are at ease on the spot.