Kitten Heels: Shoes of the Moment

Good morning!!! I hope you’re great. With this rainy and cool time feel like nothing out, feel like staying at home, watching a movie and covered with a blanket. Do not you pass to vosotr@s also? Even so, this weekend promises to be entertaining: work, meet with friends and the Sunday charity fashion show in Santa Eulalia. What quickly happens the weekend.A button would be great of pause for the weekend: p do you have plans?
I show you a little inspiration from one of the shoes of this spring-summer season to go into heat. If the boom recently with hanging cats, now they are on the feet. I say this, because the shoe of the moment are the kitten heels or heels ‘ kitten’. This type of shoe is characterized by having a heel half not very high, ranging from 3.5 cm to 5. We started to see around the 50’s when the students used it to practice when it comes to go to class. It was in this decade when thanks to Audrey Hephburn did the boom. Recently, we found other series or movies as it is the case of Mad Men. Its versatility, comfort and simplicity have made this one of the best allies heels, don’t you think? Known as a granny shoes, could be an example, in this case the heel is thicker, which is much appreciated.
If I’m honest I’m not much of heels, I appeal to them on special occasions. Although it is possible that pique with this type of footwear. Do you like this trend? Have you tried this type of high heels?
I hope you enjoy it. Spend a nice weekend. Thank you very much for your comments and visits. Muuua, we read on Monday.

Good morning!!! Hope you are really well. With this rainy and fresh weather, I wish to stay at home, watching a film and cover with a blanket. Does it happen to you, too? Although, this weekend pledges to be enjoyable, work, meet friends and going to a charitable catwalk in Santa Eulalia. Can someone press pause at the weekend, please? ūüėõ What plans are you going to have?
To warm up, Ill show you some footwear inspiration of this spring-summer season. Not long ago, we saw the feline necklaces, now the animals are in the foot. I say this because the shoes of the moment are the kitten heels. This kind of shoes has a medium heel, between 3,5 and 5cm. We started seeing it in the 50 decades when the students used it to go to class. It is in the 50s when Audrey Hepburn made a boom of the kitten shoes. Recently, we find another series or films like Mad Men. It versatility and comfort produces that this will be our best companion, isnt it? The well-known granny shoes could be a simple example of it, in this case, thicker.
If I tell you the truth, I wear high heels, in special occasions. This is the reason why I maybe try this kind of shoes. Do you like this tendency? Have you tried them?
Hope you like it. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your comments and visits. Kisses, well read on Monday.
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