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Women’s wallet is not only a stylish accessory, but one of the most important personal items. In it you can keep documents and cards in addition to cash in everyday life. A ladies’ purse varies depending on the size and number of pockets:

Ladies Purse



Identity documents

Cash / credit cards

Membership cards

Driver’s license

Health insurance card

And also pictures and photos of family and friends are in many ladies’ purses to have your loved ones with you. You’re on the search for a new women’s purse? In the online shop here, you’ll find it!


Ladies’ purse vs. men’s wallet

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Wallets or purses serve already for thousands of years to store the money. In ancient times, the exchanges were fist-sized leather bag sealed with cords. Also today, many ladies’ purses are made from high-quality leather. In addition, models made of plastic are available. One distinguishes between men’s wallet and women’s purses. Classic men’s wallets are collapsible and aligned in their form on the size of the back pocket of his pants. Women’s purses are often larger than men’s wallets. The shapes, colors and designs are huge! Have you found your dreamed model yet? You will find the matching ladies’ purse here!

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Ladies’ purse in many different designs

The latest accessories from your favorite brands are provided. You can find high-quality ladies purse in many different shapes, colors, sizes, designs and materials. Whether you’re looking for a simple leather purse or you prefer purse made of synthetic leather with eye-catching patterns and playful details –you will get your desired purse here. The women’s purses with various fasteners such as pressing buttons, magnetic mechanisms or zippers are equipped depending on the model. If you want to notify about the offers from the online store here, simply click on your desired model. So you can get all the product details at a glance. Order your selected ladies’ purse online and benefit from the services here!