Latest Trends in Leggings

In recent times, leggings stand out as the best of the  dressing of every fashionista.

It has declined  in all colors, not to mention the sometimes exotic prints.

Floral leggings often parent patterns and the most extravagant cuts, such as print galaxy that was able to pass the winter in a nearly everyone.

And if you do not have cold eyes you’ll be tempted little leopard print or  tigers, see ethnic, or comics, which invade the wardrobes for a touch of whimsy measured.

While conventional fashionistas will appreciate the advantage floral motifs, the more hype will certainly fall for the  vertical stripes models black and white.

Finally, girls who feel the chic & glam soul will love the mix of leather and metal details such as zippers adorning these wonderful pieces.

Brief before this undeniable success, the shops offer everything a collection of lycra models that are more brilliant and supporting the most original patterns.

Others are nylon, playing on transparency and finally rather destine our winter, we are of course a safe valeure wool.

For those who wish, there is also a slimming model (galba) or vinyl or lace patterns.

One can also opt for two-material cotton models that reach the knee and may for example be decorated with lace band.

Ideal it goes with everything!

Apart skirts or sweaters, leggings are also particularly suited to long tunics or minishorts.

We particularly appreciate being able to bring some summer skirts even in winter, which is not always possible in tights…

Another  advantage  very important is that it can be worn with all types of shoes: ballerinas, pumps, heels or compensated for, boots…

Leggings: a new generation!

Given this success, manufacturers have marketed new versions.

First the  jeggings which is nothing but a legging containing the codes and the appearance of jeans.

We often adds a flash or pocket closure and can be worn as pants, no need to cover it with an ultra-long high.

Generally  Stretch  (spandex and cotton blend), it perfectly accompanies all kind of shoes:

Boots, ballet flats, wedges…

The jeggings have a low waist and an elastic waistband for added comfort, it has a zipper being purely decorative.

Finally treggings, its name originates from the contraction of two Anglo-Saxon words leggings and trousers defined on

The objective of tregging is to offer the same benefits as a traditional leggings, but without the need to wear under a suit.

It thus offers an attractive alternative to both pants and pantyhose. The materials and colors are as varied as the other models.

It can be for example imitation leather or leather or even lame vinyl.

Perfectly elastic,  its size is higher than that of jeggings.

For colors, even if the black dominates the collection, you can find chocolate brown and even gold for more ambitious.

Why choose it?

Unlike leggings and jeggings, it benefits all types of silhouettes.

His leather effect is perfect for hiding small defects.

It can also be worn with a more relaxed fit t-shirt, a colored belt and black high-tops that care is taken to add a pair of the same colored laces that the belt.

Finally, if we want to carry the completely relaxed manner, it is also possible: just wear it under a long wool sweater.

Note, however, that the treggings be considered as a separate trousers. So we avoid to put it under a skirt …