Learn How to Hit in the Choice of Bikini

Tips to hit the choice of bikini

With the arrival of summer many people take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy the beach or pool. For that women need to use a suitable costume, the bikini. As there are many different models, it is important to have tips to know which cuts are best on your body type and value more their curves. Check out:

  • Wide Hip- women with this type of biotope are best with bikinis that have the bottom more larguinha, with thick sides. Here at Fashionruling you can get more different models of the fashion clothings. Avoid thin straps, rings, very large and side prints with more than three fingers also do not cause a good visual.
  • Big breasts – who has enough volume in this region should bet on bikinis that give support to the breasts, as the models half-bowl and top with wide straps and neckline in “V”. Avoid the cortininhas and strapless, besides the prints that increase visually the region, prefer the flat models.
  • Small breasts – the little breast volume can be reversed with the use of bikinis with bulges, strapless twisted, prints, Ruffles, among other applications that help increase.
  • Small Butt- many girls who have little volume in the butt are embarrassed to wear a bikini, but you can improve the appearance by using the right part. Bet on models dug with bows on the sides, horizontal stripes and large prints, applications, and more.