Learn to Speak English with Popcorn Time Using Fleex

The Popcorn Time is an open software platform, that is, its code is available to everyone who wants to create something on him be at ease. And very cool stuff may end up emerging as the Fleex, a platform that aims to teach other languages ​​using videos.

He already does it with videos from your own computer and YouTube, and now can also be used in Popcorn Time.

First, you must download the version modified by Fleex the other program. To enter, use the login Fleex, created at the project site. By creating an account, you choose the language spoken natively and mark how many days and how long can devote to learning.

Hence, you only get to watch and learn. At first, subtitles are displayed in Portuguese and English mixed; then only in English; Finally, all are eliminated. They are interactive, so give to check at the time what a certain word means.

One of the most effective ways to learn another language is watching videos, listening to music and consuming media products in general. So, you have the language learning in action rather than theory behind theory. For those who do not understand English very well, Fleex is a great alternative – and cheap: the monthly cost 5 euros, 10 days free to test.

Unfortunately, only gives to learn English with him. For those who want to learn other languages, there are a number of websites that can teach you, like Livemocha and Duolingo.