LED Boat Navigation Lights

It is far time the led cold, expensive and questionable performance! Today, a lot of progress has been made by the manufacturers of LED lightings for the needs of boaters and sailors who can’t do without their boat. If the requirements of products for boats are quite specific, it’s an understatement to say that today ‘ today the LED has absolutely nothing to envy to the conventional halogen or incandescent bulbs.

The advantages of the led on a boat

If the first uses LED on the boats were particularly concentrated on outdoor lighting, it’s on the interiors a real revolution occurred, says Foodanddrinkjournal. As for typical home use, on land, the led is often more expensive to buy than the ‘classic’ products (although the gap is narrowing again and again). On the other hand, it represents an investment that will very quickly benefits both on the life expectancy of your bulb on its consumption. These are two vital points for all sailors… of the experienced making long crossings up to the most novice Boater.

Colors adapted to all boats and all desires

With a wide range of choice as the site of Energy-led, choose from different shades of white to stick better to your wishes. And if you dare, you’ll love even colors red, green and blue led bulbs, or others that will help you for sure to surprise people who will come aboard your vessel and provide a little originality.

Led innovations

If we talk about revolution for your cabin, it is because indoor innovations are already many to emerge thanks to the LED. Imagine the possibility, as with the Earth system Phillips HUE, to manage by remote control your lights from boats to change color according to your desires and your guests.

Only question is how not to be the star of the port with such equipment led? If we can continue to dream for now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see such an innovation in the most chic ports shortly. In the meantime, if you want to make the boat after reading this article, feel free to visit Hey Captainsite, the booking portal of ships in real time, with them book a boat motor has never been easier.