LED Lenser X21.2 Review

The LED Lenser X21 is the flagship of the German company Two brothers Optoelectronics GmbH & Co and the successor to the high-power LED Flashlight LED Lenser X21. Even when looking at the sealed plastic carrying case, which supports the flashlight and the other supplied with spectacular, falls on: The LED LENSER X21.2 is a LED flashlight without compromise.

LED Lenser X21.2 Review

With a total length of 39.5cm and weighing 1.4kg, the LED flashlight with LED light bulbs has a solid and robust. Nevertheless, X21.2 is well in hand dee. With prolonged use, however, the supplied proves Shoulder strap to be extremely useful.

When bulbs are a total of seven high-end power LEDs are used which are integrated in the housing head and create an exceptional appearance. The maximum brightness is1,600 lumens with a light range of 600 meters. The power gets the X21.2 of 4 Mono D 1.5V batteries which are also included. Also NiMH batteries can be used according to the manufacturer.


A special feature of the LED Lenser X21 is the Advanced Focus technology.This makes it possible to focus the light beam manually. Depending on requirements, the flashlight provide a broad, circular low beam or a sharply focused searchlight beam.

To lowest brightness level, the power supply sufficient to 100 hours light to generate. This value falls naturally with increasing power. The operating concept is intuitively designed so that the different operating modes and brightness levels can be changed easily.


Unfortunately, the focusing ability of the light beam of the LED Lenser X21.2 comes hand in hand with a distinct disadvantage: The LED flashlight is to IPX-4 only splashproof.

Outdoor adventurers who need a waterproof flashlight, therefore our professional tip is Fenix ​​TK41 or also very good ThruNite TN32 to heart. Both lamps are slightly cheaper, but offer IPX-8 water protection.

LED Lenser X21.2 Conclusion

The LED Lenser X21 is a lamp without compromise. Users should consider whether the acquisition price of 200 €  and the enormous weight and the almost oversized dimensions are the experimental purpose.

If you only need a flashlight to find the fuse box in case of power failure, that is said at this point that the LED LENSER X21 is clearly oversized for such cases. Our winner, the LED Lenser P7.2 by the same manufacturer, is better suited for emergency use.

But if maximum performance is sought, the LENSER X21 LED is a clear recommendation. Hardly any other flashlight offers more performance, robustness and design in this price group. Given the necessary materials and workmanship as well as the built-lamps, the price is absolutely justified.