LED Lighting for Public Areas

Street furniture: When the LED is necessary in public lighting

Change to the LED bulb, this isn’t just a personal initiative. More initiatives public in-world are reported by the local media. Indeed, the lighting in urban areas is a real issue financial and energy. In fact, the LED bulb comes in already existing street furniture.

Already measured success…

The initiative is not yesterday, though it remains significantly recently. In 2012 already, the Department of transportation of the city of New York, in the United States, had made the installation of 1 600 LED bulbs in street furniture of the alleys of Central Park. It was estimated a reduction of consumption of 62% as well as DECLAWED in public lighting maintenance costs about $ 30,000 annually.

… And future success

But such initiatives are popping up everywhere on the planet. In India, Hyderabad, sixth largest metropolis in the country, the Government ruled for the installation of public lighting in the LED bulb in any metropolis. Stake primary, just as it was in Central Park or Paris, is to reduce power consumption, real economic burden for the municipality and for Franciscogardening.

Another example in Berlin where the City Council voted in December 2015 the replacement of all of the 2 538 bulbs of the streetlights of downtown by LED bulbs new generation. Despite an initial investment of $ 1,477 million, break-even is estimated less than 4 years. Conclude on another significant number:

The annual electricity bill of the city of Berlin is currently $ 391 539 annually. By replacing all the light bulbs, it is expected to fall to $ 49 247. (…) Over a period of 20 years, it’s more 7,54 millions of dollars saved.

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