LED Lighting in Offices

The lighting of offices: comfort and efficiency

Lighting of offices should be the subject of careful study, because the view is sought in the long term, and sometimes painstaking work. So the health of employees, on the one hand, their comfort, on the other hand, and their effectiveness, finally. Suffice to say that the lighting must be as efficient as possible.

Lighting technology standards have been made with regard to the lighting of work places, because Ledlightsclassified is likely to have consequences on employees when it promotes the safety and quality information. Visual problems can go increasing for several years, causing a malaise of the users of the premises through migraines or other pain related to eyestrain, and, at the same time, hamper the profitability of the business as employees victims of this evil – be will not have the expected return. Therefore, it is better for all that lighting is the best possible.

As part of the offices, there is an essential part that should be constantly kept in mind: 70% of the information received and transmitted through the eyes. They are constantly asked. The information can come from anywhere: mood lighting must be treated in order to increase the visibility of users in all circumstances.

In addition, it goes without saying that each user has a personal desktop on which he is required to work all day during: here again, it must ensure that personal lighting is effective, especially as the computing may already have an impact on the view. Quality lighting is a must!

It is clear that all these data have a cost that is often very important for employers who cannot always ensure the regular maintenance of lighting systems. Solutions exist that allow not only offer a high lighting range to the users of the premises, but they also offer the possibility to reduce the electricity bill while maintaining low cost of maintenance. We rephrase? A solution to increase the efficiency of the staff while lowering bills. It’s obviously led technology which is only able to offer all this.

For general lighting, it is better to turn to materials capable of light relatively large areas, so as to have a little less, in order to optimize the maintenance work. Regarding the temperature of lighting, these products must be selected in a neutral version, which will have the distinction of bring both effective and pleasant ambient lighting. Built-in professionals available in different powers bring both powerful and gentle lighting. The slabs to leds are ideal for this kind of use. 600 X 600 mm, they are able to emit a luminous flux 3200 lumens, equivalent to 3200 candles burning, consuming only 45W.

We can all also sure areas with these tiles leds general lighting, and opt for tubes when to illuminate surfaces are slightly narrower. In the hallways or classrooms of reprography, for example, the surface to illuminate does not imply that one installs a result luminaire. In this case, it is wise to turn to 1200 mm T8 led tubes or 1500 mm T8 led tubes. Somewhat less powerful, but they are nonetheless very powerful. For example, in 1200 mm, neutral white, this tube emits a stream of 1750 lumens. Neutral white always, but in 1500 mm, we reached a flow of 2000 lumens. Associated with the slabs to leds, these led tubes allow you to illuminate all areas of your structures, lowering your consumption and avoiding a too heavy maintenance.

Finally, it is impossible to approach the issue of lighting in offices without dwell a little on the lighting that must be put at the disposal of each, near the workstations. It goes without saying that all workstations do not have the same characteristics: some are placed close to a natural light source (window), others do not. Therefore, to give everyone the opportunity to illuminate at will, depending on the area in which the position is located and accordingly also the personal characteristics of each: we are not all equal in the face of nature, and you can perfectly have a less good view, simply.

As a matter of comfort, security and quality of the work, we can then opt for a particular light in these offices. In order to better manage the lighting, you can opt for compatible with a dimmer systems: as a result, it will be possible to operate artificial lighting only in addition to natural light, which necessarily will lower the cost of consumption. Compatible with a dimmer led GU10 spotlights are an excellent solution, because in addition to their practical features, they also have the particularity to be recessed into the ceiling. They thus promote the aesthetics of the room, and when one feels good in his office, you work better.

Each office may, in addition, be equipped with a lamp that will be able to clarify this lighting. It should be, for this lamp, turn to a cold light which will facilitate the work of reading, writing, typing, and even observation in the case of those who have to select shades on the color swatches, for example. The best, in this case, is to opt for a light bulb in the light angle is wide enough to cover the maximum work stations. TESS bulbs were also thought so, with their angle of 300 °: they offer a powerful light, which does not dazzle and provides CRI (color rendering index) greater than 90, so very close to the light of day.