LED Lighting Technology

Led technology is best known for its little lights used in electronic devices. Today the led appears for new use as car lights, for example. Today the electro luminescent does led technology are entered into domestic use. The led has evolved with now a very powerful illuminating potential. Make a tour d’horizon of the advantages of the led.

Led lighting technology with low consumption

With the arrival of energy problems and the end of fossil fuels, scientists began to invent lighting of today tomorrow.

Based on Zephyrledlights, LED lighting has a peculiarity is that he needs a very small amount for work. So a led bulb can produce light with a low electricity consumption. Example for a quality bulb you get 10W for consumption by an equivalent of 80 ~ 90 W.

Compatibility with my installation?

Because all the world is not a technician, it should be of to stop 5 minutes on compatibility with our existing facilities.

The led is a technology that uses low voltage. off in our homes we are all equipped with 220V power. Don’t worry led bulbs also function in 220V. So you don’t have to change your Setup, simply replace your incandescent light bulb with one of our led bulbs.

The life expectancy of my light bulb?

The life expectancy of the led bulb is a question that often come back. Led bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs. Despite this, the led bulbs remain interesting due to greater longevity.

According to the models and brands of bulbs you will have a lifetime between 35000 and 50000 hours. Today the espaceampouleled.fr 1 year warranty its lamps. This is in line with the idea that we on the quality of the bulbs led proposed on our store.

The choice of light

The led technology offers another advantage, the ability to choose the shade of lighting. This has the air of nothing but now you can to match your interior and your lighting.

The hue of your led lighting can go a yellowish light say hot to tell cold white light. So you can make your home more sweet or more modern. We will dedicate a folder to this aspect of led lighting. Already know that we indicate on each sheet the type of light, hot or cold.