LED Ribbon Lights Reviews

1 / the multicolor Ribbon RGB 5050 60led/m can make white?

Yes the RGB LED Ribbon can make cold white.
For what is white hot, if you opt for a remote control IR 44 keys, you can customize and save your color and therefore approaching.
2 / what is the color of the Ribbon between the LEDS?

All of our LED strips have a white surface between the LED lamps defined on Craftinlearning. We tested the LED strips with a black surface and they are very disappointing in terms of brightness.
3. What ribbons 60led/m 12V power?

Here are the maximum lengths of Ribbon that can withstand the power supplies:Our KIT 12V multicolors or monocouleurs LED strips are provided with a diet adapted to the length of the selected LED Ribbon.It is not necessary to put food in a vehicle equipped with a 12V battery. We have the taken cigarette lighter which is very convenient for easily connecting a LED Ribbon in a vehicle.

4 / How to install more than 5 m of Ribbon 5050 60led/m?

For the monocouleurs 12V LED ribbons:Start editing with one KIT monocolor 5 m LED Strip (contains Ribbon + power supply) then put end to end. others ribbons only mono LED by linking them with a mono amplifier and a power supply 6 a.

.To simplify mounting, we have created a fact sheet KIT White Ribbon lengths.To turn on/off all, you can add a controller-remote mono RF to beginning 1 Ribbon, a dimmer switch, wired mono or a wired mono mini-controleur or better.
For the RGB LED 12V ribbons:To start the installation with a LED RGB 5 m tape KIT (contains Ribbon + power supply + RGB controller) then put end-to-end other LED strips RGB only by linking them with a RGB amplifier and apower 6a.
It’s complicated? So check out our KIT 12V RGB LED Ribbon lengths, everything is provided, it’s simple and easy to install.
220V LED ribbons can settle without amplifier and power up to 50 m.

5 / how to avoid loss of brightness of a tape LED 12V on its length?

When 12V LED tape is important (more than 5 m) length and/or that it is cut and connected with connectors of angles or rights, it may lose its light intensity between the beginning and the end of the LED strips. The solution is to re electrically the tape LED to half the length (LED RGB tape) or the end (monochrome LED strips).
For the monocouleurs 12V LED ribbons: need a power supply at the end of the Ribbon. If the end of Ribbon is naked (no), then add a naked to power mono Ribbon connector.
For RGB LED 12V ribbons: to cut the RGB LED Ribbon to half of its length, and connect it to anamplifier RGB with a naked toward RGB tape connector and a male-male pin on each side of the amplifier.Do not hesitate to submit your questions in the contact form.

6 / how to install LED ribbons in a staircase or shelves?

Please see our tutorial: installation of a staircase LED