Led Street Lights of the Future Bring Light

The company EnBW will present an impressive concept of modern street lamps in the context of the upcoming International Motor Show (IAA). 

The future of street lighting not only has extendable fluorescent elements, but also acts as emergency telephone, energy petrol station and Internet hotspot. From September 17, there to see the street lights of morning in Frankfurt.

Street Lights Of The Future Be Smart

While street lights functioned only as passive elements of street since the beginning of the installation, intelligent lighting in the near future could become a traffic hotspot. During the day, donates the ingrained Lantern pillar power for electric cars and offers a public Wi-Fi. At dusk, the long arms extend then at the end of a body of lamps with more efficient LED lighting via Remzfamily.com inside in appearance occurs and provides for bright light and a good view of the road. The new intelligent lamps by EnBW can even more. Finally, the lamps also have the ability to make emergency calls.Within a few seconds to register an employee of monitoring station after pressing a button and an emergency immediately initiate the appropriate follow-up. The lanterns that feature speakers and microphones. Accordingly clearly to define the path, the top of the mast starts after the confirmation of the emergency to glow and give off an SOS signal.

Many Functions Possible

In addition, the poles can be equipped with special sensors measure then in turn, for example, the noise, the brightness, fine dust, the temperature and the air pressure or the humidity of the surroundings. The collected data can then be sent for evaluation to a station. As can be found in the recent press release , EnBW tests first lanterns in Germany. There are the intelligent street lights with 4.50 metres and height of six metres. The prices are 8,500 euros or 9,500 euro then.

EnBW, the street lights of the future can be equipped with charging technology for electric cars.This can be varied however. In addition to the installation of an ordinary household socket, the installation of a three-phase type 2 connections including Schnelladetechnik for electric cars with a capacity of up to 22 kW is possible. So can download E-car and E-bike comfortably on a lantern.

The street lamps could dominate indeed increasingly the city in the future. So some municipalities in Germany provide already increasingly streetlights with routers in order to extend the public W-LAN. Instead of putting investments in expensive renovations, could at first every twentieth street light by a SM! ght be replaced. Of course, the cost factor also plays an essential role.

Thanks to the advancements in the field of solar technology , it would be conceivable that the SM! ght streetlights or similarly beautiful concepts to provide itself with energy in future. So far, the current will probably come from the local network.