LED Technology Development

If innovation has always been in the DNA of Sir James Dyson English society of the same name creator, it seems to be family… Indeed, son Jake Dyson embarked on the search for innovations in fixtures. We were talking about, and a few weeks ago of the new connected objects, including the Philips Huesystem, but this time innovation concerns the most basic of a luminaire feature: its life expectancy.

It is in the Aoyama district, in the center of Mysteryaround opened allowing the brand to present all of his creations, including their last robot-vacuum cleaner 360 Eye but also a whole new category of lighting products.

And it’s a challenge that started the English company trying to address in particular the lifetime of a light bulb. Because of these qualities, it is of course LED technology that has been chosen. Thanks to the research of the engineers it seems that the lifetime of a light bulb LED Dyson is now… 37 years, is more than 160 000 hours of light!

How does it work?

This was made possible thanks to a new cooling system. As explained by Jake Dyson: “other designers have done things by half to cool the LEDs. It is not enough. Their bulbs are produced to make the soul and they don’t care no more. We, Yes. Then we invented the first bulb to cool properly the LEDs. As proof, it takes 37 years. »

The details of this little revolution made in Dyson:

Named CSYS, it can be moved horizontally and vertically, and its 8 bulbs issuing 587 lumens will seduce you for maximum efficiency. Its price him however might cool you, indeed count £ 399 (€545) to have this lamp.

With such a price and a life, as long it is better like it to everyone at home… In the meantime, come and discover our led light bulbs or led spots on Our site that will last several years and that will satisfy you.