Less Than a Third of Twitter Users are “True”

A survey of company security Barracuda Labs analyzed more than 25 million accounts Twitter and came to the conclusion that only 28.87% are “real users”.

First of all, the definition that the company decided to adopt for “real users” are users who have at least 10 followers, follow at least 10 people and have written at least 10 tweets .

Also according to the same study, half of the users tweet less than once a day, but 10% of users tweet five or more times per day. And of all the created accounts, 30% have never tweeted anything.

The following habits as persons, it was found that one in eight users number of followers have at least 10 times greater than the number of people who follow. Only one in 10 Twitter users follow more than 100 people. Nearly 50% follow less than five people.

Another factor is the percentage of created accounts that have been suspended for suspicious activity, malicious or otherwise inappropriate. Barracuda Labs called this “crime rate on Twitter.” In the first half of 2010 it was 1.67%.