LG Announces three Android Tablets

LG has announced three new models of the tablet. Last year the South Korean has for the first time active manufacturer on the Tablet market and has introduced the LG pad 8.3. This was apparently so successful that we decided to offer three new tablets with Google’s mobile operating system.

LG has currently to much. They will present not only the three new tablets in the next few days but at the end of the month also a Smartwatch and the new smartphone flagship LG G3. Tomorrow will start in Monaco the three-day technical and IT fair MedPI 2014. There, LG will officially unveil the G pads and reveal hopefully a bit more to the specifications.

According to LG , many customers want a wider range of products. This one has probably taken to heart and announced at once three similar, but different-sized tablets. The LG pad 7, 8 and 10.1. The numbers are 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1-inch screen sizes. So far, no exact data about the devices have been published.We can go out some details already.

As you can see in the photos that pads front and main cameras are installed in the G. Probably used to on-screen buttons. The housings are made of plastic. To black and white, is joined by a new color: Blue

Also LGs display release “Knock Code” will come on the tablets. Which allows 8.3 QPair leaked through the G pad, to connect LG tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth wireless technology, see all notifications also on the tablet to get. With the new version 2.0, which is installed on the new G pad, also an answers to various notifications is possible.

The pad 7 G has been designed that you can hold it some time in one hand. The equipment should be been not saved yet. For the user, the 7 inch tablet to be a mobile entertainment system.

The G pad 8 is considered as a multimedia platform and creates a gap between the small and large version. The G pad 10.1 is the largest tablet. It has the largest display but also the largest battery.

Still, a price and a release date were not mentioned by LG. We first wait for the official launch. Then there will be certainly new information.