Lg Can Throw Curve Screen Smart Phone

New product called G Flex, can have 6-inch screen and will come to market at the same time that similar rival Samsung model.

The LG might launch, by the end of 2013, your first smart phone with curved screen, G Flex. According to sources of the site Cnet , which had access to a new device, the product must have six-inch screen and can be presented to the market in November. However, the plans of the company still would not be completed and the launch date may change. The product should hit the market in early date the new smart phone from Samsung via electronicsmatter.

Canadian researchers create flexible smart phone prototype

The technology is also called flexible screen, for offering a curved screen, however, she has a fixed position and cannot be folded by the user.

The format may favor the use of the smart phone in voice calls, since he will adapt itself better to the user’s face, besides allowing a better angle of view for users, such as to display videos on your smart phone. The technology is used in some new TV models released in 2013.

Rumors about the new product from LG arise while launching a similar smart phone manufactured by Samsung, might be about to accomplish the same. Since last year, rumors pointed that Samsung was working on technology.

The latest smart phone announced by LG is the G2. The product, which succeeds the Optimus G and Optimus G Pro, has 5.2 inch screen high resolution and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800. The product does not yet have data to reach the Brazilian market, but LG has announced the arrival of smart phones by the end of 2013.

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