LG G3-All Rumors [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 23.05.14] One last time, there is now an update from LG to G3. The new flagship is teased in three videos. But we know it all yet. The videos are titled with display, design and camera, give away they do nothing but.

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[UPDATE 22.05.14] Only a few days separate us before the official presentation of the LG G3. Last time information have surfaced, showing many of the specifications have become known so far. So we can make now a very clear picture of the G3. Even the housing dimensions were betrayed.

As expected, the G3 has a 5.5 inch QHD-IPS display. This corresponds to a resolution of 2,560 x 1440 pixels and results in a pixel density of 538ppi. Inside, a Snapdragon 801, which is either pulsed with the 2.5 GHz 2.3 works. The internal memory is 32 GB. If a memory extension with micro-SD cards is possible, not yet been determined.

The camera dissolves 13 megapixels and has a + OIS image stabilization. The front camera has 2.1 mega pixels. Unfortunately the battery is only 3. 000mAh. So far it is assumed battery 200mAh a 3.. Perhaps, but also a larger battery is installed in the European version of the G3. Also in the G2, the Korean version had a different battery.

In addition the G3 has A, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE and new technology LTE, so that the speakers sound better. The dimensions have emerged: 146,3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm. This is slightly larger than the Galaxy S5 (142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm). But a 5.5 inch display needs just lots of space. In contrast to the oppo find 7 (152.6 x 75 x 9.2 mm) is the G3 then but even still slightly more compact.

[UPDATE 19.05.14] The LG G3 was spotted over a week before the performance, the first time in public. In a subway in Seoul, the G3 was apparently used employees of a LG. The new quick cover features a large circular opening through which even in a closed envelope time and notifications are viewable. Good to see in the first promo video from LG.

New to the sensor next to the camera rumor that a laser auto-focus system could be installed. Even in darkness, sharp photos could be shot so crisp.

The G3 was listed for a short time at a Finnish dealer and has cost the 16 GB version €620. €659 were scheduled for the double storage. Whether these rumors come true, we will see in a week on Tuesday.

[UPDATE 16.05.14] So now, the last cat out of the bag is designtechnisch in any case. The now-submerged press pictures of the LG G3 reveal full details of the new smartphone.

[13.05.14 UPDATE] stop the rumors. Today LG has ensured but yourself. With a new video, give short looks on the new, send, possibly aluminum housing of the LG G3. In addition, you can see very well the optical image stabilizer in the video. About two weeks we have to be patient us yet until we get all the information about the G3 by LG. (the video you see below)

[UPDATE 12.05.14] Two new photos show the complete LG G3 this time in three different colors. Gold, black and silver. The backs have a metallic look, could also consist of polycarbonate, which makes sense if the back cover should be interchangeable.

[UPDATE 07.05.14] We assumed so far, that the G3 just like its predecessor with a polycarbonate rear and come without removable battery would provide new leaks for confusion and even more tension.


@evleaks has two pictures posted on Twitter, which may be seen the G3. The first image shows the G3 back, but one not as expected, with a polycarbonate made of aluminium. Or something that looks like brushed aluminum. The back of the G2 was still one of the biggest criticisms. Every fingerprint is visible on the body. That could be changing thanks to the new materials. For comparison, on the HTC One , fingerprints on the back are hard to see.

The second photo shows the G3 without re-cover. The removable battery is striking. The battery was firmly installed in the predecessor. Few producers still so that the user can change the battery without tools quickly and easily build the devices.

If these rumors as true, LG could be offsetting all major criticisms of the G2 with the new flagship and present a really great Smartphone. If they build now a micro-SD card slot, which is my top Smartphone 2014.

[UPDATE 05.05.14] Again new photos to the G3 have surfaced at the weekend. This time, the next top smartphone from LG is hiding in a protective case. The form and layout of the buttons are still clearly visible. This case is already there to buy Amazon. But, it is noted that it is only Renderbilder. Considerably, I think the thin edges around the display. LG could make it back to build a Smartphone with a large screen in a small enclosure and make it so “pocket friendly”.

Another photo shows the front of the G3. This looks very similar to that of the G2. Only the position of the sensors has changed slightly. Plenty of space in the design of the front has LG anyway, because over 75% of the front display.

Yesterday, we have speculated when the G watch with us to buy will be. LG has sent out an invitation today. Although no exact device name on the invitations, you can assume that LG will present the new flagship LG G3. One can only presume whether the G watch is also presented. It would fit but time, because according to LG, she should still be sold in the second quarter.

LG has distributed invitations, where they invite to events on 27 and 28 may in many different cities around the world. On Tuesday 27 May should at the same time in New York, San Francisco, London, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul major events there.


The LG G3 was always in the rumor mill in recent days with new information and photos. Most recently, they saw a photo, which shows the back of the new smartphone from LG probably. The rear key from LG to persist probably for the next device. This concept with my G2 was able to convince myself.

It is rumored that the G3 is to get a 2 K display. Thus it would beat all the big competitors Samsung, Sony and HTC. LG would be the first manufacturer that accommodates a so sharp display in a small enclosure for oppo . These are, after all, 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. The display should be 5.5 inches tall according to gel files information. These were then 534 ppi.

In addition, a Snapdragon 800 processor to be installed. I highly doubt this rumor. No manufacturer produces the same processor of its predecessor the new flagship Smartphone. I would rather go out 801 or 805 of a Snapdragon. Furthermore should be installed 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. To get another 13 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

Also the interface, which will install the LG on the G3, should have changed. Images show possible design changes in the user interface. The whole design to be playful flatter and less. LGs software was in many users of G2 is one of the few criticisms. Software developers have been apparently much trouble not continuing to lead this criticism with the G3.

G watch

To the Smartwatch G watch, LG a few has published more information and photos. The first Smartwatch with Android wear could be presented along with the LG G3. The G watch will be in the colors of “Stealth Black” and “champagne gold” type. In addition to a display that always on is, will the Smartwatch be alsowater – and dust-proof . According to information provided by LG France the EIA for the G watch is €199.



The LG G3 and the G watch are not directly mentioned in the invitation. With the inscription: “to be simple is great to be” with a LG typical big G and a so large-scale promotion you can of them going out, that great new features will be presented on May 27. In addition, LG has unofficially confirmed the launch date of the G3 until end of June.



LG G3: Specs, review, rumors and release date

LG G3: Specs, review, rumors and release date

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