LG G4 Is Strange World Record – With Selfies

World record with a single copy of the LG G4: the company from South Korea public attention with a special action on his current flagship model drew – in Mexico City was the Guinness world record for the most Selfies consecutively placed at the same location.

Over 2500 participants and participants would have helped to make this slightly strange world record, announces LG about his newsroom. An official confirmed the Guinness world record, which was situated near the historic Chapultec Palace in Mexico’s capital two hours on-site.

LG G4 Is Strange World Record - With Selfies

With 746 Selfies To The Record

Total 746 Selfies by individuals and groups originated in the 120 minutes of action. Thus, the previous record was clearly broken by 531 self-portraits, which only had been put up in the last month in the United States.

“With a Selfie estimated recorded every ten seconds, the LG G4 used for the record attempt has survived all the way – without the need for a battery or a load”, said Daniel Aguilar, who coordinated the event for LG site. The battery of the LG G4 would have lasted even longer, but the number of participants would not have been enough for more Selfies.

According to PhoneArena, it is no wonder that LG have – rely on his new top Smartphone the front camera with a resolution of 8 MP and wide angle function is one of the best Selfie cameras at all. The curved test of the LG G4 has its excellent camera properties and confirmed the long battery life. An overview of the best Selfie smartphones can be found by the way also at CURVED.