Lingerie with Filler: Sensual and Natural

Piece of great interest from the female audience, the stuffed panties came back with everything! That’s because the butt is a national passion, but not all women are born with the desired volume. And to solve the problem of women who feel bad about trimming some clothes, these panties can be a great ally of self-esteem.

Filling bras have won over most women, but panties are still taboo for many of them, either for fear of not looking natural or for anyone to notice.

Well, let’s unravel all the mysteries of this play and show that it is possible to bet without fear.

Make Your Production Even Sexier

This modeling – also known as butt panties – was developed long ago, but only a few years ago it has been remodeled to fit the body’s natural shape and, consequently, to provide more naturalness.

More and more companies have specialized in these models, which usually are boxer type or caleçon with a small filling on each side of the butt, and no longer a single filler as formerly. Today, you find more comfortable, discreet, laser-cut models that do not mark clothes.

They are perfect for giving a look in the look of women and men (yes, there is also fashion underwear at Transporthint!) That have a small butt, especially in tighter clothes. Bet on tubing dresses, social pants and pencil skirts and feel even more charming and confident.

This practice is already widely used by many celebrities, especially at events, to give that steep and rounded upside down.

Great Ally Of Self-Esteem

Yes, these panties can be your great ally to improve self-esteem. In addition to raising the butt, it hides other problems like some unwanted shape and sagging.

The effect is incredible! And that is why it can improve and boost the self-esteem of many women who feel dissatisfied with this part of the body and do not wish to resort to plastic surgery.

How to maintain the durability of the part

So that your fancy panties last for a lot longer, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use bleach in the wash;
  • Do not iron;
  • Wash with water up to 40º;
  • Do not dry clean;
  • Wash the piece by hand only.

Already excited to have one? The important thing is always to feel good about yourself!