Liquid Eyeshadow Tips for Applying

You can use a liquid eyeshadow to achieve a particularly intense color result. You can get the best tips for applying here.

Liquid eyeshadow is perfect for everyday use as well as for your evening party make-up. You need a bit of practice to get a nice result, but with a few useful tips you can quickly get the hang of it.

Tips For Preparing

The fact that the liquid eye shadow is especially suitable for advanced skiers is primarily due to its very fast running. To prevent this, the eye should be free of cream residues or other oily cosmetic products. Use a base on the eyelid so that the eye shadow will later hold on to it and not so easily blur.

Apply Liquid Eye Shadow

You have several options for applying the liquid eyeshadow. The most convenient way to apply the liquid texture is by using the applicator, which is already supplied with the makeup. If you are not comfortable with it or if you are not satisfied with the color result, you can also apply the colour with your fingers.

Liquid eye Shadow has above all a great advantage over the other cosmetic types of Eyeshadow: The individual colours can be easily mixed together. Depending on the mixing ratio, you can create various new shades of color yourself. If you want to apply several shades to the lid, for example to make smokey eyes, you should start with the lighter color first. Start at the inner lid directly on the lash wreath and apply the paint by gently leading the applicator outward. A tip: Gently pull the skin of the eyelid apart with your fingers – so the color can be applied evenly.

After applying, wait a moment until the liquid eyeshadow is dried and then add some colorless powder to the eyelid. This not only increases the durability of the liquid eyeshadow – it also avoids the fact that the Eyeshadow is also hang on the upper immobile lid at the eye impact.