Little Black Dress Day to Night

On the red carpet as on bitumen, celebrities are opting for the best value. And in this field, what better than the little black dress? Dress evening or day dress, she is doing all the sauces. To the title of Queen of the little black dress, the stars are rushing. Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, is inspired from the best to wear the black dress, day or night?

To wear the latest trends mode, the stars are never the last. Always willing to adopt the latest it bag or a new pair of shoes stylish celebrities love news.

But when it comes to display, their look is between real trends and good Basic fashion.

Do not be mistaken, they all have a secret: the little black dress, the timeless piece by excellence. She is as well the night than day, and celebrities have understood!

For inspiration, simply observe carefully the look of Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo.

The little black dress on the stars: day version

To wear the black dress by Internetiest, just adapt to it. For some, nothing complicated: like Alexa Chung, we love a short dress, a pair of sneakers, of pretty Accessories trend and voila!

When it comes to be a little more chic, while keeping a comfortable outfit, we opted for sequined Brogues or boots to heels and we put on colorful jewels. A nice bag in leather, and this is a perfect #ootd!

The stars wear the little black dress: night version

To dazzle on the red carpet, the stars have the choice. Suddenly, the little black dress SLUMMING in the evening. It grows in dress, plays sirens in sheath dress and dons transparent lace for a look so sexy.

If it is cold, it does not hesitate to wear with a black pair of tights in the manner of Cara Delevingne. To accessorize it, bet on the pretty jewelry: bib necklace, earrings gold or silver and fine bracelets.

We opt for an evening pouch or a small bag to carry over the shoulder.

To shine through the night, we put a pair of heeled shoes (boots or pretty pumps). In addition to swing the silhouette, they sublimate the little black dress.

You hesitate? Get inspired by the best looks of the stars in little black dress!