Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari in the Test

With the Logic3 Ferrari Scuderia you can through the pit lane style marching, or simply reveal his penchant for Ferrari. We have tested the HiFi headphones.

Who should be the target group for this listener, is now now really not hard to guess. We put it this way: someone with an aversion to Motorsport and a certain Italian car brand with black horse in the coat of arms is for these headphones probably unsuitable candidate. It succeeded combining a ear-enclosing headphones with the Pit-lane look quite the Scuderia Ferrari – lacks only the microphone. It has also to offer the PS200, but rather as part of the speakerphone on the cable rather than boxes radio accessories.

The optically undoubtedly spectacular listener comes as standard with equally spectacular carry bag. Three replacement cable from textile fabrics are included – one with 3-button remote and MIC for Apple devices, another with a suitable microphone for all other smartphone manufacturers and one without transfer helpers.

Logic3 Ferrari Scuderia: hearing test

Who puts on the surprisingly open constructed phone, registered the good despite the weight of the seat a. And on the other hand noticed that there primarily wider and heftier bass comes out and together with the basic tone of music prepared a cozy home. The bass roles, the voices are accentuated, and on a small occasional outburst here and there into the brilliance area it’s like a soundtrack to an action movie – dramatic, entertaining and with a safe Loudness vote. Rather like the ride at a large, spring-loaded sedan as the spin in a racy sports car.