Looking for a Good Fishing Close to Home

When fishing less than 140 km from the Capital São Paulo, in the city of Americana, in the reservoir of Salto Grande, I was surprised with the variety of fish sporting that I found.

Looking for a Good Fishing Close to Home

For a long time, traveling hundreds of miles, I always asked: to “how much” we have to travel to make a good catch? Of course, the answer always was: very!

It is obvious that the fisheries more elaborate, where we focus on major trophies, the rarest, among other objectives, require that our offset to be the greater good. It is also a fact that the highest areas of environmental preservation and wildlife are always further away from the major capitals.

However, many times, we can practice our sport close to home, and with much success!

Will ai some tips for those who want to find out and fish next to the “your backyard”!

  • The “common sense” is always a great start. Listening to the stories told by friends, or by the “friends of friends” can lead us to a good fishing spot. In this fishery in Americana (SP), over the years I have heard anglers making good reports on the place, and even so, relutei going up there. When I went, I was surprised.
  • Internet: it has become a great ally of the fishermen “pathfinders”. Browsing, we were able to search on websites, to learn, to read reports and experiences of other anglers, making it easier with that we find good fishing locations that are closer than we can imagine.
  • Curiosity: to put a backpack full of artificial lures of different sizes and colors, and come out practically “without destination” on the dirt roads in the rural areas, has been a new craze among some fishermen. Traíras and peacock bass are your goals preferred, since they are found almost all over the country.
  • Fishing from a sea kayak this boat allows fishing in places where there is no structure fishing. Cost effective and easy transportation, we can enter in places of difficult access, have great results, in addition to the health benefits.
  • Magazines: are always excellent sources of knowledge and research. They are true manuals on techniques, tips and locations to be experienced.

Therefore, the distance should not be an excuse for not practicing our favourite sport. Asking, searching and with a hint of curiosity, we can “get away” even closer to our homes!!!

Tips to the reservoir of Salto Grande – SP

Next to the dam, there is a large amount of water hyacinth. This site only has access if the wind help, forming “channels” that allow the navigation between the vegetation. The site is a great option for the capture of traíras, matrinxãs and peacock bass.

In this area of water hyacinth, the pitches should preferably be in the direction of the margin (shallow), and not to the water hyacinth plants, because the depth is much greater.

For the peacock bass yellow: The walls built in the villas that border the water are great options.

The amarelinhos, that the dam does not grow much, are extremely brigadores, impressed by the aggressiveness. For them, the small plugs and half water are either.

The plugs chrome and clear colors are the most efficient, due to the coloring of the water of the dam, which has a good transparency.

The surroundings where is the boat school, are also good fishing places.