Looks to Play Sports

See looks to play sports in 2016. Who are you trying to lose a few extra pounds in the coming months must update the wardrobe, after all, the practice of physical activities requires special clothing.

The year 2016 hasn’t even started yet and many people are already planning to adopt a routine exercise. The goal, almost always, is living more healthy and conquer a body fit.

It is not enough just to acquire the courage to exercise daily, you also need to choose appropriate clothing for the practice. The clothing should have a comfortable drape in the body and also facilitate perspiration. All this, of course, without losing the style.

Looks to play sports in 2016

Are you wanting to work out, but you don’t know what to wear? Then check out some suggestions of looks to play sports in 2016:

Knitted blouse + sweatpants

This outfit looks pretty simple and deleted, but combines perfectly with the urban girls who wish to incorporate the style “normcore”. The sweatpants have a trim 62, so it does not interfere with the mobility to play basketball, football, among other sports.

Fitness jumpsuit

Many women are betting on overall fitness to work out at the gym, running or practicing some sport. The play is tight in the body, but is made with a very comfortable material, which does not affect the movements. There are a myriad of models of overalls, that abuse of stylish colors and prints.

Wrap Sweatshirt + top + pants capri + Cap

The look shown in the image above is perfect for outdoor exercise. The capri pants have a comfortable, drape the top let the belly fit the shows and the coat protects it from cold morning breeze. Don’t forget your hat, because it is a key outdoor fashion piece shirt to protect against the Sun.

Top + pants leggings

The legging pants is fair and made with a type of fabric that does not affect the movements or sweating. The top leaves look look even more perfect to fitness at the gym or in an outdoor activity.

Top stamped + short

On hot days, exercise pants is almost impossible, so it’s worth posting in short fluffy and comfortable. Adidas has many gorgeous models, specially designed for a woman’s body. Complete the look with patterned top.

Now you already know good options of looks to play sports in 2016. Choose the one that matches the more your style and start training. Keep the world of tribes and see other articles about fashion.