Loudest Smartphone 2014: Sony Xperia E1 (Update)

Update (05.05.2014): the Sony Xperia E1 is now available. It comes in a Single(E1)-and dual SIM (E1 dual) variant and will cost 139 and €149 (EIA). Colors are black, white and purple to choose. The one dough phone scores especially with booming 100db speakers with ClearAudio + and xLoud sound enhancement. The Walkman app of the 120 grams of light and 12mm thick Smartphone offers also the possibility to create playlists to share songs with friends faster and more (s.unten).

Original message from 14 January 2014: 2014, the Sony Xperia E1 could become the loudest Smartphone and ideal as a mobile speaker for the park or the beach next summer. the little Screamer in to can be noisy to 100db (according to Sony louder than a motorcycle). But the concept is? Can a small smartphone replace already Portable Bluetooth speaker? Maybe the Sony Xperia E1can afford this marvel, with a depth of 12mm it has at least a certain sound body….

Walkman series, there is no longer “Music phones” in principle so right. What also? All current smartphones have integrated music or music streaming apps and are ideal for playing music. What can long not all smartphones, but play music directly via mobile phone in good sound quality. Only the HTC One has distinguished itself with its stereo front speakers here positively and brought the best sound of all smartphones, with which you certainly could forgo mobile extra speakers in the year 2013. The Sony Xperia E1 aims precisely to those customers who gladly and often on the move want to listen to music with their Smartphone. There still some music features, such as the shaking to play the next track (shuffle) and also a dedicated Walkman button.

In addition to the volume and sound quality of the Smartphone, it offers good voice quality for calls internally thanks to HD voice. Technically, the cheap Smartphone in mini format is however unspectacular: 4″ display (800 × 480 pixels), 2 x 1,2 can upgrade GHz dual-core processor, 512 mb memory, and a small 4 gb internal memory, the music fans via micro-SD and should. Android 4.3 is installed as the operating system. The camera knippst with 3 megapixels and the Internet is via HSPA or Wi-Fi. The 1700mAh fortunately large battery can be replaced. Available Sony Xperia E1 will be already in the first quarter of 2014, there should be a version with dual SIM function. Cost the mini Smartphone is about 140,-€ (white/black/purple available!).