Luxury Collection Impala!

Attention novidadeiras of plantãooooo! The impala has just launched a SUPER limited and special collection:LUXURY Collection Impala. The glazes have a packing with differentiated design, each vial has 9 ml of enamel, with stainless steel balls that guarantee the homogeneity of the glaze and brush flat. The LUXURY collection Impala is exclusive of the site NETFARMA. The formula of this collection was developed with exclusive nanotechnology and is enriched with vitamin E, silicone, D-Panthenol, keratin hydrolysates and Macadamia oil.These assets associated with nanoparticles reach the deeper layers of the nail, and are released slowly and continuously. This process enhances and prolongs the action of moisture, restores damaged and brittle fingernails as well as let them more resistant. A perfect result between aesthetics and health, with amazing colors and brightness in sight.

Are 10 glazes between classical and modern colors, with effects such as high gloss and glitter. All glazes are dermatologically tested and 3Free (formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate) great because it leaves us free of any concern about allergies, and with the Flat Brush, which is a unique Italian design in Brazil to make the application. But like everything in this collection is special, the bottle comes a little bit bigger, with 9 and with internal balls of stainless steel to ensure homogeneity.

I found super affordable prices, are leaving the R$5,60 what a LUXURY collection and with 9 ml of enamel is a bargain, you have to run and ensure your now! I loved the colors so much that I decided to paint a fingernail of each color and show you, the texture of the brush flat and enamel has eased a lot of time to spend, liked it so much that gives up a heartache for being a limited collection, but what comforts me is knowing that I have sure that the next collection will be even lovelier! The great innovation of the world’s Luxury Base Impala, a high performance primer that should be used before the glaze. He makes an intensive treatment and restoration of the nails. As well as the makeup we use primer on the nails we now also have this option innovative and charming, right? But I want to make it clear that even without using the Base (primer) enamels collection have excellent coverage, bright, fast drying and long-lasting.

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