Mac Is Beauty!

Hello loves! Today’s post is beautiful to look at, getting news of the amazing colorful world of Mac Cosmetics, are so many releases, so many colors, so much joy and beauty together that I don’t get tired of watching! The world is so stressful, so full of crises and boring stuff, I’d rather be alone with good things seen, I always say that I live in a playground of fun kkkkkk! Today I show you the collection M.A. C is beauty is the name of the collection that mostscreams Spring: pastel colors, vibrant colors, a huge variety of products, and a number of lipsticks to make anybeauty addict want to acquire all produtinhos. The collection is huge! Full of products, lipsticks, EYELINERS and 12 16 04 03 04 shadows, glosses, enamels, 03 brushes, mascara, eyeliner in crayon and pencil, powder finalizer from The best part is that the fluidlines which was great now are pro. The pastel shades and candy color reappear on new collection MAC is beauty, with air announcing the spring!!! OK, we are in the winter, but we know that pastel shades also fall well this season.

Check out the campaign, the products, and use the force to break the piggy bank (and acquire all!!!) and let the delicacy on account of this new collection. Ahhhhh, it’s everything available in the e-commerce and physical stores too!

Everyone knows that the MAC is known for being the storehouse of a team of makeup artists ready to interpret the consumers international beauty trends seen on the runways of New York, London, Paris, Milan and São Paulo, where the brand shines in behind the scenes of more than 150 shows per season. To translate these trends, the store offers a model of care that includes make-up lessons and demonstration of products, which allows customers to interact with the artists and products, creating unique and customized looks.