MAGNAT Vector 207 in the Test

The cheap vector 207 has a high quality. The sound of the stand box also keeps, what promises the exterior?

The vector 207 of Tycoon is a strikingly solid state box, which felt should cost about 800 to 1000 euros. Indeed is the list price 600 EUR per pair, and can express themselves through a price search again – just under 500 euros.

There, the question may be permitted as a manufacturer of boxes at such predatory pricing can survive, especially since neither look nor technology show a precarious touch. The satin lacquered baffle offers a circumferential Groove for the fixation of the guards. Four chassis, in whose development was the legendary Klippel-analyser in the game are flush. Two heavy-duty woofer in the 17-centimeter format enabling the 207 relaxed processing sattester bass and tone levels. The midrange in the game, which will be replaced by a mature canopy system with soft silk membrane at well 3000 Hertz is at 300 Hertz.

That the developers have done their homework, take the readings: Straight frequency response and low distortion signal that the box is one of the most earnest offerings in their class.

MAGNAT vector 207: hearing test

To the fascinating neutral vote a class uncharacteristic good sense for rhythm and timing, so pronounced about bringing any other box in the box comes in the 207. At the Neil Diamond classic “I’m A believer”, performed by Barb Jungr, which sounds magnate fascinating little after speaker and strikingly homogeneous.

Despite audiophile tendencies, the magnate is no child of sadness. At the electro pop – shaker “My dog eats beats” of console makes effortlessly to huge volume jumps tear down it. And does this not even hard.