Makeup for Blue Eyes – How to, Tips

Tips on how to make a beautiful makeup for you that has blue eyes

Which woman or girl does not want to leave the house beautiful and delicate to ballad, how to make makeup for blue eyes stay inside of all the tips that you can do for each occasion.

Women who have blue eyes already have a distinct beauty, the eyes are beautiful and need to be marked in the makeup for blue eyes, you will see many tips on how the look can get even more flashy.

Make-up for blue eyes , there are varied models and styles such as a tip when going out at night to go to the bar or ballad, make a more remarkable makeup because after all it’s the night and needs something more for the night.

How to do makeup for blue eyes, with a wide variety of colors, you can start by passing a base, concealer, and a powder and a blush so that one color and the skin look good via, then you choose the colors that you want to be a make-up pass a pencil with eyes on the bottom and the top, do with the chosen color the shadow passing through the eyelid, then to finish you can pass a very sharp eyeliner then you can pass a lipstick of the color you like and combine with the makeup and lastly pass the mascara.

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Now how to do a makeup for blue eyes day by day, for makeup in the morning or in the afternoon can not spend too much dark shadow, avoid to pass eyeliner, a lighter lipstick with colors for example pink, beige, red, brown, among others that you can use in the day to day, being able to also pass mascara, and base, powder, and corrective and blush so that the skin looks very smooth with a color.

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