Makeup Tips For Spring

We are only a few days in the spring! The season of flowers is also a true celebration of colors: we leave aside the dark tones so that the coloring gains space in clothes, shoes and accessories. In the makeup could not be different: for the next season, the trend shows a wide range of tones in stripped, cheerful and modern looks.

The Great Women gives you tips on what will happen in the make-up aspect for this spring according to makeup artists Duda Molinos and Fernando Torquatto! There are options to suit all tastes!

-Leave aside the lipsticks with matte effect and bet on the creamy ones and with wet effect;

-Colorful lips will be super high! The shades of pink, red and coral will make women’s heads. The nude is still strong, especially if you wear a colored make on your eyes and do not want to draw too much attention to your lips;

-For the day, most natural looks are great: use a lip gloss or lipstick, a light blush to give that healthy look and pass a liner in the eyes – it can be colored. Invest in mascara to intensify the look;

-Bet double or kitten-style to delineate eyes;

-For a night look or more daring, use colorful shades and vibrant color lipstick. Fluo or neon shadows will come back with everything;

-The color mix will be high in the shade: mix different colors, which complement each other or shades of the same range.Ex: green with purple, red with golden, pink with blue, orange with yellow, blue with purple, pink with purple. Go on testing the blends that look good on the tone of your skin; read Themakeupexplorer for vintage makeup tips.

-If you want a look with a healthy face, bet in earthy tones like carmine, brown, terracotta and gold;

-Bet on the illuminator to lighten the look and the apple of the face;

-Well marked and bulky lashes will be on the rise. To achieve the effect, use eyelash curler and several mascara layers for eyelashes;

-For a more intense and intense look at night, a little shadow shines on the lower eyelid. Lighten the corner of your eyes to open your eyes.