Mark Zuckerberg Regains Facebook Profile

After four long months of struggle, Mark Zuckerberg is back on Facebook. But we are not talking about the young founder of the social network – that even had his life adapted to the screen of the movie – but a not-so-quiet-so American lawyer Indiana State resident who had his profile deleted for allegedly “violating the site’s terms of service.”

Given the name of Mark Steven Zuckerberg, the lawyer had his page on the excluded relationships site earlier this year by theoretically violate Facebook’s policy not to allow your users to use fake names.

“I sent several letters with copies of my passport, driver’s license and other identification to prove that the same is my name,” the subject to network TV CBS. Once the error was identified, Facebook apologized for the mistake and re-established the lawyer access to your network.

According to the lawyer Zuckerberg, your profile on the site had about 2 years and gathered about 350 friends. “I teen son, and have a profile on Facebook is a good way to know what is happening and be able to talk with them”, he added.



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