Marshall Major Test

Actually, the company Marshall builds guitar amps. Now there’s also a headphone series from the brand. We have tested the HiFi receiver Marshall major.

The distinctive white lettering on this handset is usually the most famous guitar amplifiers in the world. By Jim Marshall in the early 60s based brand is itself almost a synonym for pure rock ‘ n’ roll. All the more surprising that until now also a series of headphones with the famous name has found its way into the trade.

Together with an iPod dock, presented recently at the IFA there is now real Marshall equipment for the music consumer.

The major (there’s even a smaller in-ear earphone with the aptly named “Minor”) provides also everything that rock’ n’roller heart desires: one said old-fashioned look (also in white) attention to detail such as the spiral cable and gold-plated plugs and small touches such as the signature of the founder in the vinyl strap or the vintage cardboard packaging (which put not only the AUDIO Designer in Rapture).

Marshall major: hearing test

Closed, semi-open ear headphones sits with his thick pole star pretty firmly on the head – head banging to the music is quite possible. Even he is extremely Rocky. With a smoky, sweet-tempered, almost reminiscent of Tube Clamp character set skilfully he not only guitars. Like his colleagues of the amplifier it can not process but so much momentum : he acknowledged too much level and action with inaccuracy. Overall, he sets the tone with a pleasant warmth in the keynote and the Middle, less gloss and detail however in the heights.