Maternity Private Cover

Inspired by Mexican and Indonesian traditions and worn by pregnant women, maternity bola soothes and reassures your baby with a soft, melodious sound. Check out our private collection of maternity cover heart bolas!

According to the Mayan culture, each bird is unique and produces its own soothing melody. Legend has it that this noise called the angels bringing protection and comfort for the baby, throughout his life.

The Bolas are usually worn on the belly of the mother. Inside of the pendant, a small ball dance and produces a subtle and soothing to the rhythm of the movements of the mother. From the 20th week of pregnancy, baby recognizes the melodious sound of the bola of pregnancy will be calmed and soothed by the sound. Used to the sound, he calm down and will reassure him after birth.

Moms can also wear the maternity, breast-feeding bola, to soothe and comfort baby. When the baby arrived, the bola may continue to be carried as a good luck charm or as a stylish accessory. The pregnancy bola is an emotional jewelry for moms. It’s talisman, who has the distinction of being pretty and full of attachment!

The pregnancy bola is an emotional jewelry for moms. It’s talisman, who has the distinction of being pretty and full of attachment!

Our pregnancy bolas hidden heart:

Here, to Cache heart Lingerie, we use materials noble and refined to make the high quality jewelry that sublimate mothers during their pregnancy. Our materials such as rhodium, gold to fine gold or money so our delicate details make this valuable pregnancy bolas,

4 Reasons to choose our new collection of pregnancy bolas:

  1. our maternity bolasare guaranteed without nickel and mounted on a Silver 925 chain (simple or gilded gold) or on an adjustable cord. Our 925 silver chains are all made by hand. A qualitative approach in reflection with our bolas made of artisan ways. Our three small delicate hearts adorned chain fits perfectly on your MOM looks!

2 The ANYBLOUSES offers maternity jewelry with a genuine Swarovski® crystals. Incrustation of Swarovski® Crystal goes perfectly with Silver 925 BOLAS and brings a touch of gloss for a scintillating pregnancy.

3 The Black/Rhodium is a key element of our new collection. This precious metal to the glossy appearance is of equal quality if it is higher than the 925 metal. Our two bolas Babyfeet and Rhodium/Black Sphere are also composed of diamond powder which makes the fine and delicate jewel.

3 Our bolas are now delivered in a small black box, very chic!

A few tips to keep your jewelry in Silver 925:

Silver objects tend to change with time, the visible phenomenon is the color change. This is called the somewhat, also called the agent sulfide sulfur, this compound “blackened” silver jewelry. This is quite normal, to address this, here are some tips:

-Remove your jewelry in your shower and when you do the dishes.

-It is better not to wear your jewelry to the beach and the pool (because of the chlorine).

-In order to do not damage the jewelry, not wearing them during sports or while you sleep.

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