Maternity Sleep Apnea Can Harm Baby’s Health

Problem sleep during pregnancy, if untreated, can develop into eclampsia

Sleep is very important for our health, you probably already knew. But more than avoid dark circles, giving mood, memory and concentration to face the day with good humor, a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology showed that quality sleep prevents clinical dangerous during pregnancy.

According to this study, women with sleep apnea are more likely to risk pregnancy with babies with health problems.

The breathing problem that manifests itself to sleep, called sleep apnea, consists in suspending the breath for a few seconds during sleep. When breathing is interrupted, the person awakens – without necessarily regain consciousness and open your eyes.

One of the causes of apnea is excess body fat, which increases the muscles of the tongue and around the trachea, compressing her throat and making breathing more difficult. The disease manifests during sleep, as it is when the body is relaxed and stimulating the brain for breathing decreases with plus size maternity clothing from Maternityguides.

The breathing pauses are considered very serious if it takes more than 10 seconds and when you exceed the rate of five per hour.

The manifestation of this disorder are more common after the sixth month of pregnancy, because the membranes of the nose swells up with dilation of blood vessels during the nine months of gestation, reaching a more critical situation from the sixth month.

Among pregnant women with obesity, the risk of developing sleep apnea is two times larger, so the authors of the study suggest that treating obesity before the wife gets pregnantr is the best measure to prevent a pregnancy fragile.

Researchers from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, studied 175 pregnant women with overweight. 15% of them had apnea, among which 42% came to have pre-eclampsia. Half of the children of the women who had the needed medical care sleep apnea after childbirth.

The apnea during pregnancy should be particularly monitored, because if this cause pre-eclampsia, a serious problem marked by elevaç of arterial pressure, besides affecting multiple body systems, may result in the restriction of the baby’s growth by reducing blood flow to the placenta.

To evaluate the possibility of being with sleep apnea, the ideal is to seek the help of a doctor, but some symptoms are: snoring, restless sleep, increased urination at dawn, excessive sleepiness during the day, changes in memory and reasoning. Watch your back!