Max Mara Strapless Dress

The collection of formal dresses 2015 signed Max Mara includes models for every need, classic shapes in evegreen colors, but also more vibrant innovations that will best meet seasonal trends. The fashion house wanted a rich choice of sophisticated creations, long dresses inspired by those red carpet, short and saucy models and versions in materials combined by the bon ton decorations. Let’s find out all the news of Max Mara collection.

Max Mara Strapless Dress

After seeing the extremely chic models in the collection of wedding dresses 2015 Max Mara, we find that even the formal wear line the fashion house has reserved a careful study of the feminine silhouette and its strengths. The proposal of the label is in fact rich of articles inspired by classical forms, but there are most characteristic touches that can make every single model.

Where other collections such as formal strapless dress 2015 Summerdressesstore are marked by a bold, modern style, Max Mara stays true to the idea of traditional elegance, but no less fashion. Featured in the collection in 2015 on formal wear long, ideal for the wedding night or for very elegant occasions.

As you will see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, it comes to clothes slipped in the classic all-black, models made ​​of precious materials such as silk and the ‘organza complemented by mesh detail along the sleeveless bodice. Alternate with clothes in materials combined with bustier in velvet and high-waisted skirt from the square lines, with blacks decorations on bronze base.

Very interesting also the clothes in trendy colors this season such as burgundy and cobalt blue, models slipped or pleated skirt in the versions in those sleeveless and strapless with lace belt high waist that emphasizes the curves.

But as I looked forward, Max Mara is placed in his collection for different models of short wedding gowns. Some reflect the form of longdress topping just above the knee sheath dresses in plain bodice covered with points of light, combined models with bicolor skirt with a high waist, but also skater dress with flared pleated skirt in rich tones such as red and blue, as well as in the most romantic variants made ​​of silk powder pink with contrasting black decorations along profiles and waist.

What is the ceremonial dress Max Mara fashion most of the 2015 collection?