Mayweather Team Inquired about Changing Gloves

According to Nevada Commission Executive Director, multi champion boxer II asked about process to use 8-ounce gloves in fight against Conor McGregor.

The statement from Floyd Mayweather Jr. on social networks that I wanted to confront Conor McGregor in 8 ounce gloves was not mere bluff or provocation via Multi champion boxer world team actually did ask the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NAC, the acronym in English) about the feasibility of changing the size of gloves that are used in the boxing match, according to a representative of the entity to the website “MMA Fighting” on Wednesday.

According to the Executive Director of NAC, Bob Bennett, said the vehicle, team Mayweather wanted to know “what was the process (to change) and what were your options”. According to the official, the teams of both fighters would have to attend the next meeting of the Committee, on 16 August (10 days before the date of the fight), and present your argument about why should they change the size of the gloves. The NAC so it would take a decision “with the athletes ‘ health and safety as a primary concern.”

By the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, 8 ounces (226, 8 g) can only be used in boxing fights held in weight to 147 pounds (66, 7 kg). In disputed fights in weight above this limit, the gloves must be 10 ounces (283, 5 g). The confrontation between McGregor and Mayweather will be stopped under the limit of 154lb (69, 9 kg).

The gloves used in the UFC are of 4 ounces (113, 4 g), and experts in the field of combat sports often say, the shorter the sleeve, the greater the power of the punch. Part of the promotion of the fight involves the knockout power of McGregor, and how it would translate to a boxing match with larger gloves. During the promotional tour of May-Mac, the two fighters discussed a lot about the size of gloves, although both have declared that it didn’t matter and that fight without gloves.