Meet the Backpack with Solar Plate

Education is recognized as one of the main ways to combat inequalities. However, as we know, the economic and social discrepancies of the world we live in, not always allows access to education to all people.

In addition to the challenge of studying, children in different parts of the globe, do not have schools close to their homes. In this way, to get to school challenge, before need face another challenge: to get to school.

Many times these kids need to go long distances, often on foot. In South Africa, a recurring problem between the 11 million of children who walk to their schools was hit and the death, because they needed back in the dark. A backpack with solar plate has changed this tragic trajectory via Handbag , understand how.

As backpacks with solar plate can avoid death.

The signaling bags, namely, backpacks that were developed with a solar plate attached on the back were made from the conventional plastic bag recycling.

The big difference is that, in addition to serving for carrying school materials, the solar plate packs can be loaded during the day and at night. So, in addition to becoming more visible to drivers on the roads to return home at night, the kids can still rely on light loads to perform other activities – many of these children do not have electricity in their homes.

What is the name of the backpack with solar plate? Who idealized?

The backpack with solar glow-in-the-dark plate by a retroreflector, material was Repurpose. The material was developed together by a group of South African women, called Rethaka.

“We wanted to create a backpack to stay next to a child that explores the darkness and cold of the 5:00 in the morning on your way to school,” said one of the creators on the site of the project.

How to backpack with solar plate is produced?

For the manufacture of the bag with solar plate, the women of the Rethaka select disadvantaged public schools, especially those with children that do not have access to basic resources and who face long distances to study. The second step is to search for partners and donations for the manufacture of backpacks in the schools with the help of children.

If you want to register as a donor, or want to better understand the process of making the backpack with solar plate, visit the official website.

Meet the kids who are using this new idea.