Meridian M6 in the Test

No power, no precursor, not a CD Player – looks so the HiFi system of the future? Meridian Sooloos combination makes it much different. The concept is amazingly highend and consistently how few. In the test, the M6 active speakers with the Sooloos Server MC 200 play together.

Plush speaker cable try some high-Ender up to the equivalent of a small car – that, to minimize sound transmission losses Bob Stuart, Gru? from Meridian and one of the most innovative audio developers in the world that had always been fu? r u? berflu? expediently. He built Active speakers prefer and solved the problem, that great power had to be transported far.

But the master of Cambridge distinguished himself on another area: the lossless storage and transmission of high-resolution audio files. MLP Format was based on the DVD-audio as well as the Blu-ray specification.

SpeakerLink: loss-free transmission

What could be more obvious than to combine both developments and to invent an absolutely reliable transmission free of distortions , with which the digital signal directly in the box can be translated? He called the technique SpeakerLink, with her cable sound and jitter of the past.

A simple network cable CAT5 enough? gt to connect equipment and speakers. The cable quality is to completely gleichgu according to Meridian? be carefully, also a precursor is no longer required. Because many Meridian components, such as the Sooloos Server Media Core 200, directly control a couple of digital active speakers without detours and losses. Since the Meridian active speaker systems are equipped with digital switch , the signal is converted so only the back on the last centimetres in the final stages – purist and highendiger can not be a transfer.

Meridian M6: Construction

Even the shape of the M6 but makes it clear: with classic high end, this box has nothing to do. Not only are she round shape makes first puzzle the benighted user – where they actually emits, it is probabaly a circular spotlight? No, nothing like that on the contrary should the front of the rotation-symmetric sculpture – to recognize the Meridian logo – even more or less exactly the listener bent be. Be placed all frequencies above 200 Hz from a single wide strips in the narrow top of the box, its sweet spot is by its nature limited. The Dreizöller may be due to its light Aluminum-diaphragm tones to u? ber reproduce the listening area, and is at the same time fu? r hearing represent an ideal point sound source. Normally, he is hidden behind the dark fabric cover.

The 13-cm subwoofer, which together with a support is even better hidden? caustic bass reflex tube in the base of the sculpture sits and relatively evenly stimulates the space by means of a ring-shaped, ground-level opening.

After the technical requirements have been clarified, the guesswork goes on: where has this speaker Kabelanschlu? sse? After intensive search of the puzzle solution: hidden in a small Chamber in the bottom of the power connector and SpeakerLink jacks. Just connect both with the server, configure software, and already plays the minimal investment.

Meridian M6: hearing test

Stylish Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” classic opened the hearing test – the M6 was actually very unobtrusive in the listening room with its cigar shape. All the more amazing your performance: you sound just in the low bass huge as a powerful woofer hidden there somewhere. She avoided any hint of unpleasantness in the midrange, Roy Harper’s voice sounded not smoky, but homogeneous and almost a tick to gemu? confident.

The BU? hnenabbildung the Vorzu played? ge of the bevelled off could the Meridian project but a room staggered very far into the depth of width in which the narrow cigars have been acoustically completely invisible. This a fantastic accurate and completely stress-free placement of each instrument, as it is only from the best point sound source . To the Glu? ck nothing was tonal from the fullrange to Susana? ren: the transition in the keynote range managed the meridian at the warm recorded “Mozart Requiem” (Colin Davis, LSO) completely seamlessly, the chorus was spacious and beautiful voice. One would have more resolution and attack is of the small sculpture quite yet case? nscht. But this made her when Katie Meluas “Shy Boy” with its homogeneous and suitable for long term play back more than compensate.

Whether as main system with design appeal or a second plant in the Multiroom system: The M6 with upstream MC200 punished all prejudices u? ber “hard digital sound” Lu? gen. So analog, so warm the unusual chain sounded that the listeners on the complicated transfer technology paid no heed. Exactly as it should be.

Multi-room with Meridian media source 200

The Sooloos System allows a complex Multi-room system with simple means. The cheapest way, the Sooloos network in the House by another zone, in the library, in the bedroom or in the Ku? che, to expand, is the new Media Source 200 (700 euros). The little cigarette box large box is simply connected via LAN cable or router to the existing Meridian network and then acts as a Network streamers, the signals of the optional analog or optical uber TOSLink can spend. Even better on a Meridian own box with Speaker-Link, which the user can save even the power supply. Then by the first out is connected to the second box. Can be controlled in the additional zone via control of 15 of the main plant – or via iPad or iPhone app. Ideal fu? r a smart Multiroom system.

Sooloos system: operating concept

When the Sooloos System, initially without the co-operation with Meridian, on the market, came, was the large touch screen, ‘Control 15’ , something like the hallmark of the system. Its innovative user interface using the browser u? ber all covers of your own music collection can be installed also on the iPad as a free app .

That’s something quiet and static as with other iPad programs, not as fast as other players,? r but very intuitive and powerful. Meridian offers not only intelligent search functions, but also additional information about Ku? nstlern, albums and producers. So control you can also uber larger music collections to easily keep. Fu? r to the mobile control’s anyway no iPad an iPhone ? gt completely to the overview of uber to keep the playlist and the music in the various zones of a Multi-room system to start, to stop and to select the next title.