Metal Summer Evening Makeup

The make up from the metal effect is one of the hot trends this season. A strong and bright makeup to shine during the summer evenings and surprise with a make up only. A metallic touch very trendy that in 70 years was tops and that today gives a night allure always fascinating.

In addition to the inevitable black and gray, the Council is to create a smokey eyes bulked from mascara. This summer Collistar proposes an eyeliner powered Pearly finish glitter in two shades Gold Metal and Gold Glitter. For the choice of eye shadows the Council’s preference for intense colours such as green, Brown, Brown, purple, Burgundy and plum, but also gold, bronze and silver.Gold and bronze are perfect if you have dark hair and skin made of amber from the Sun, but without forgetting the Pearly nuances and reflections glossed or not reminiscent of the sea and silver for women with Milky skin even in summer. The secret is to shine with a valuable trick: roll out the metallic eye shadow shades creating a nearly horizontal line between the outer corner and inner corner of the eye. In this way, the look will be much more intense and your eyes will sparkle with color and light.

To complete the precious metal make up, warm up the cheeks with a hot pink and Burgundy. Illuminated with high cheekbones, while lights to make sensual lips pointed at nuance nude effect simply with a gloss nature. Natural tones will make even more outstanding outcome, highlighting the metallic makeup eyes via Healthknowing. If the make up is gold, silver or bronze the rest of the face should always be flawless and bright. If you can’t give up the lipstick, opt for a pink with flashes of gold.Even down to the summer 2014 recall the metal, the hit from super star. If you want to replicate the look from the red carpet and you love glitter choose enamels jewel in Fuchsia, Aquamarine and Platinum.

For a modern look and suggest a metropolitan in summer make up metal!