Microsoft Surface in the Practice Test

The Microsoft surface proves to be in the test as a competitive tablet, that the mini laptop make easy per accessories.

Microsoft surface: First impression

Microsoft has not only from the ground up renewed the operating systems for PC and Smartphone, Windows, Windows phone, in version 8 , put on since then even on the same Operating system core.

The new surface is about the types of devices across homogeneous, separates out effectively, and heralds a new era within the Microsoft world, which focuses on the touch screen.

For the first time a Tablet operating system belongs to the new generation: Windows RT. Also new: Microsoft acts at the tablets not only as a software developer, it enters new territory with the surface as a manufacturer.

The design already succeeded at the premiere: the clear shape of the robust magnesium housing almost impresses with its cool elegance. The highlight is the backplane doubled discreetly over half the height, which is on the stand, if you work it out. On the train and on the couch, where you sometimes want to on the surface on the thighs, the 111-degree position of the screen proved however too steep.

Keyboard to pin

That the optimal angle is no accident, revealed to the camera, which, records HD video as well as the front-facing camera -: you is contrary to the display angle to about 20 degrees upwards, so that it picks up the subject front of her despite the Bank caused by the stand and not on the edge of the table.

Want to photograph not just the own shoe tips, you can keep of course the Tablet thanks to the camera’s orientation even when handheld shooting. Brightness adjusts the ambient light, an auto-focus but is missing. The 10.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels in the 16:9 format resolves. Optionally offered by Microsoft for the HD video output HDMI and VGA adapter.

You can feed photos and videos via the micro SD card slot, which is somewhat hidden in addition to the proprietary power plug. In addition, a USB 2.0offers port in its normal size of all kinds of connectivity. This includes also peripherals such as printers with special RT certification logo according to the manufacturer. Mouse and keyboard work in the test without such.

Cover with added value

You don’t need a separate keyboard, if you can treat yourself its surface of one of the Candy-colored cover. That leaves Microsoft well pay with less than 120 euros, pushes but also a keyboard over there are integrated together with a small mouse pad on the inside of the flat cover and is thus always there when you need them.

The pushers are noticeably separated, however no pressure point. You get the when to get on it again 10 euro with the type cover, which weighs 215 grams only two grams more than the touch cover.

Our impression: The fee for the Type Cover is worthwhile in any case. A pity that there is the latter only in the dark color of the Cabinet. Touch or type – the covers are formally captured by a magnet on the surface.

The technology looks familiar to us, carefully said, as well as the activation of the display, which goes hand in hand with the opening and closing of the cover – if you previously doesn’t have the surface as usual from the PC shut down. To tends to is quite similar to the new operating system in many areas but still the old familiar PC interface.

The choice of operating system

At Apple, and of course Android, the decision also for or against an operating system is. And that runs in Windows 8 – whether on the PC, a Smartphone or Tablet – only with touchscreen right around. The gestures to the opening, closing and switching between applications are different, but no less intuitive than the competitors.

Making again from any direction from the edge to the Middle, you quickly discovered the most important functions. Incidentally Windows RT of House brings out some features, which stuck on other platforms still in its infancy: with split screen and in the separate window of pop-up videos, that currently inspire touch 10.1 – rightly so – on the Galaxy, it is no longer a Windows Tablet.

Microsoft surface: Facilities

+ Slot for Micro-SD- card + normal USB connection camera without autofocus expensive cover

Microsoft surface: Operating

+ good processing+ thoughtful cover with keyboard (accessories) + foot accessories-independent in the Tablet integrated + good display- angle of the display is fixed

Microsoft surface: Buy or wait?

Can multiple members of a family share a Windows Tablet, as it promises Google tablet with Android 4.2? Clear. Because the concept of user accounts did not leave Microsoft with Windows RT. It speaks so much for a Windows Tablet in General – and a well thought out and well processed specimen as the surface in particular.

Technical data

  • Size: 274 x 177 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 681 g
  • Display: 10.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Processor: Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, 2 GB RAM
  • Platform: Windows RT