Microsoft’s Plan for Windows 10

Even Microsoft for the first time in 2015 will be represented at the IFA in Berlin and took advantage of the IFA IMB 2015 again 10 to introduce special features of Windows. In addition, the company fleshed his schedule after the release on July 29. Read more on Microsoft offical website.

With 10 Windows, Microsoft wants to create the move towards a universal operating system. In Berlin, the company once again presented the most important cornerstones of the new Windows version, and also showed how one imagines the months after the release on July 29 in Redmond. With Windows 10 you want to convey to users that the system can make the PVC of the user better. For this is a total of four columns. There, he would be “Expert on day 1 and still better”. See details on area codes explorer. Past this point, Microsoft packaged its innovations of Windows 8 and 10 in a context which is already known to the users from the past, from previous versions. You get so familiar views. Point two is called “Personal and human”. The manufacturer introduces the language assistant Cortana or promises the data with Windows Hello to protect safer and more comfortable. This is, for example, a data base encryption. In addition, there will be a fingerprint scanner for future devices.

Microsoft's Plan for Windows 10


Point 3 is “all devices” migrating the data from device device with, if the user wants it. You adapt so and can be used consistently everywhere. Point four is “Productivity”. Here, Microsoft thinks mainly the new browser Microsoft edge, which can be more than just surfing, or a new version of Office. In addition, the company in addition to the free deployment for Windows 7 8 and 8.1 user guarantees free features for the future. Thus, Microsoft Windows introduces as a service.

New features include Cortana and Microsoft edge. Cortana is a hands-free control, with which you can speak up memories or remember appointments. Coupled with the new browser the Assistant tries to find out what I’m doing next, and trying to help. It is sufficient, for example, to highlight keywords in an also, to learn more about it.

Windows 10 so seems upgrade on July 29, 2015. Then the operating system from August in the trade shall come and also to find the first available PCs. From September the new hardware is expected by partners with the biometric features, fits at the IFA in Berlin by 2015. And autumn 2015, then even the upgrades for Windows phone and Xbox one are to be expected.