Mobile Phone Buying Guide

You have a cell phone but you want to use it for more than just calling, sending messages, taking photos or listening to music.Do you want more. Smartphones are much more than a phone. Their functions and possibilities make them an entire pocket office.

If this is your case, you are looking for a smartphone. But buying a Smartphone will not automatically solve all your needs, as electronicsencyclopedia indicates. The quantity and quality of the applications you can enjoy depends on the operating system that your phone works with.

If you are going to buy a Smartphone, memorize these 2 tips:

  1. If you only need to consult the email and access web pages, any operating system counts.Look for a Smartphone model within your budget and ahead.
  2. If you want to maximize the usefulness of your mobile, installed different applications to change their functionality, it is best to choose one of the most versatile systems: Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Choose The Operating System

The choice of an operating system is fundamental when deciding to buy a Smartphone.To be correct, the essential thing is:

Check the characteristics of each operating system.

Choose the one that best suits the use you are going to give.

Look for a Smartphone with that system within your budget.


It is the reduced version of the system Mac OSX for PC. Designed specifically for the iPhone.With this operating system, Apple was the forerunner of smartphones as we know them.

It is avery stablesystem, intuitive and easy to use. With iCloud you can do the initial configuration, the synchronization of your multimedia files or the updates via Wi-Fi.But for this you must have installed on all devices iTunes with your account, something that may be somewhat annoying to many.The advantage is that iTunes decides for you where all the items are stored, something that for the less expert users is not trivial.

App Store is the most complete and highest quality store of all analyzed.Without doubt, it is one of the keys of the resounding success of the iPhone. It offers applications designed specifically to enjoy portable computing and there are for all tastes, from the most useful to the most pilgrims.

But as for phones there is not much to choose from.You will have to buy an iPhone to enjoy this system, a smartphone ofhigh price but of great quality. It is also used in other Apple gadgets, such as the iPod Touch and iPad.


Android is an operating system that belongs to the almighty Google. However, it is an open system: any manufacturer can mold its terminals and develop its products, although it will always be the most compatible with different Google applications (Gmail, calendars, contacts …). It is the operating system that has grown the most in recent years.

It stands out for the possibility of personalization of its user interface (with hundreds of widgets and shortcuts), for the facility to transfer files to the computer (it connects the USB port to the PC, the files are dragged and already it is, with other telephones, This simple operation requires a synchronization program) and also by its web browser, the only one of its category 100% compatible with Flash Player (in the phones that work with Android we will be able to see the majority of pages and animations web).

But upgrading the operating system can be tricky.Although Google launches a new version, it has to pass first by the manufacturers (LG, HTC, Samsung…), which adapt it to your phone (if you want) before sending it to the user.The result is that the updates can take several months or even, never arrive.

You can browse the new Play Store. The more you extend this system among users, the more developers are encouraged to create applications: quantity and variety are guaranteed, and generally at a lower price.

There are many brands that equip their mobiles with Android: LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson… HighlightsHTC, which incorporates a much more customizable interface than the rest (HTC Sense).This addition allows some tasks to be faster and easier.There is also HTC Sync, a PC software with which we can synchronize Outlook contacts and calendars, as well as back up all the data on our phone.

Windows Phone

Microsoft is still trying to find the right operating system for mobile devices.Now, with Windows Phone, Microsoft has opted for its services in the Cloud.Soon we will see new versions (Windows 8) compatible with all the devices: PC, tablets and telephones.

Great support for Windows Live cloud services. It is not compatible with Outlook and to transfer files to the mobile it is necessary to install a program (Zune) on the PC.

Market Place is one of the newest app stores, but also one of the most successful.It is easy to use, with many details of each application.Although it could have a larger repertoire, it has serves to cover the market well. Many manufacturers to choose from.Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia…

What Other Things Do You Expect From Your Mobile?

Camera:more and more people use their Smartphone as a camera, as it is easier to share them via email and social networks.If you are going to make heavy use of it, make sure it is of good quality. You will find cameras from 3MP to 12MP, but not always at higher resolution you get better quality. In our comparator we tell you the best.

Screen: Import both its size and resolution.We can find screensfrom 3 inches to 5 inches. A small screen makes the phone weigh less, and is more comfortable to carry, in return tasks such as reading the mail or surf the internet become somewhat heavier. The resolution of the screen, the higher the better.Think about this before you decide on one.

Moreover, most Smartphones already have basic features such as 3G data connection, Wi-Fi connection, possibility to share that network with other devices, GPS antenna and generally slot for memory card and USB connection.