Models of Aprons

The apron, contrary to what it may seem, for a piece as simple, has a rich history. Is a multi-purpose piece that served not only to protect the clothes, but also for other functions, such as transporting vegetables. Today it can be said that the apron is almost a fashion item, being a part more and more unique and creative, in various tissues, smooth or stamped, not to mention the return of vintage fashion that came to the kitchen and by consequence the apron. In this article we will show what types of aprons that you can choose.


  1. The full length apron allows to protect the whole body, as the name implies, covering the zone change and thighs. Like any other apron, has a strip which can be fabric or Ribbon to tie at the waist, back or side. There is also a tape to put around the neck.
  2. The half-body apron protects only the underside of the body and tie at the waist.
  3. The plastic apron is ideal to cook or wash dishes because, being waterproof, does not allow the water to penetrate the fabric, keeping the dress dry.
  4. There are aprons with or without pocket. Those Pocket may have two variants: two side pockets, or just a pocket on one side, or a single Pocket that is centered on the apron, remembering the Kangaroo Pouch. The apron with Pocket can give very good at putting objects while the frontbench in the House, can for example put spring while putting them on a clothesline puts.
  5. There are aprons in various tissues, and the most common is cotton linen. This is a more rigid tissue that the normal cotton, to better protect the dress, for being more waterproof. Both the plastic aprons as cotton can be printed or not.
  6. The vintage apron this increasingly a fashion. It differs from contemporary aprons on your way. Usually this apron is full length and resembles a dress, because, besides having mango, also close behind. It can also close behind at the waist and legs and torso resembles a Dickey, squeezing the back of the neck. The curious in these aprons is that they are usually very worked and may have ruffles (on the shoulder and on the skirt), Anderson and almost always some type of drawing like polka dots, stripes and other reasons.