Montra TeK: Sony Ericsson Women’s Watches

It’s called MBW-200 and is the first collection of women’s watches of the joint venture Sony Ericsson, consisting of three distinct models that allow you to remotely control your phone, using Bluetooth technology.

Montra TeK: Sony Ericsson Women's Watches

With a range of up to 10 metres, the new models allow show, answer or reject calls.

watches MBW-200 show the calling number and vibrate when the phone rings or when a SMS is received. With just a touch of the button, it is possible to reject or mute a call or answer and start talking using the Bluetooth headset.

Calling the cellphone to amplifiers or headsets, you can use the Sony Ericsson watches to control music playback, according to Rrrjewelry.

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The MBW-200 feature auto pairing technology, a feature that makes it fast and simple the device with your Bluetooth phone, bypassing the PIN normally required, without compromising security.

Designed in partnership with the Fossil, the MBW-200 series is presented in three distinct models: the Sparkling Allure, Contemporary Elegance and the Evening Classic.

Entire collection features a mineral crystal glass from scratches with an anti-glare protection for improved visualization. The monochrome OLED display becomes “invisible” when not in use and fully visible in the daytime, for easy identification of who cares.

Montra TeK Sony Ericsson Women's Watches 2

To promote the new watches, Sony Ericsson joined the three female tennis champions, that embody three distinct personalities.

Sparkling Allure Edition, white bracelet is designed to one generation “young and funky” and was developed in partnership with the Slovak Dominika Cibulkova, for 19 years.

Inspired by the personality of the “Princess of Tennis”, Contemporary Elegance Edition is intended for young professionals focused on your work, but at the same time wish to be always connected.

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With black bracelet, the Evening Edition Classic has a more classic profile, but informal and has the image of Hungarian Agnes Szavay superstar.

new series of Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches can be purchased in the Portuguese market.