Moto E-Officially Unveiled [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 13.05.14] After we have summarized yesterday to the Moto E all rumors that the device was just officially presented.

There are no surprises. All specifications have proven true (up on the display resolution). The photos match the final Smartphone.

  • 3 inch display, qHD (960 x 540 pixels), Gorilla glass 3
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual core SoC, 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB internal memory + micro SD
  • 5 mega pixel camera, no front camera
  • 980mAh battery, Android 4.4.2
  • 8 x 64.8 x 12, 3 mm, 142 g
  • many colorful back cover, splash waterproof

Motorola particularly emphasizes some aspects to the Moto E: scratch-resistant display, splash water protected, battery life by a day and timely Android updates. Everything you would expect from a low end device. The price has not yet been set. In India, the Moto is to have E for $ 85. In addition, Motorola has released a video to the Moto E.

[Original message] Motorola has announced a press conference on May 13. There the long awaited Motorola will be presented Moto E. Specifications and photos have already surfaced in advance. So we can make us even before the official launch a picture of the cheapest Moto Smartphone. Whether to confirm all the rumors we will see tomorrow. There is also speculation about a “cinema” version of the Moto G.

Even if tomorrow it is certain we have summarized all the rumors to the Moto E. The Moto X Motorola has given a little brother with the Moto G, who is slightly slimmed down, but also significantly smaller and cheaper of the specifications. Also the Moto G should now get a little sibling: the Moto E

The screen should shrink as opposed to the Moto G 0.2 inches and exhibit as a diagonal of 4.3 inches. To resolve, yet nothing is known. Likely, it is a normal HD resolution, say 1280 x 720 pixels. Just like at the Moto G, the Moto come E with 1 gigabyte memory, therefore.

Similar specs as the Moto G

The main camera should resolve with 5 megapixels. On the previously published photos and on the data sheets is nothing of a front-facing camera to see.

A Snapdragon processor to power the Moto E. It is not clear which model it is. The clock rate should be at 1.2 GHz.

The internal memory is relatively small. Overall, only 4 GB should be installed. The memory could be expanded but with micro-SD cards up to 32 GB.

A 1. 980mAh battery could bring the device at the relatively low specifications well throughout the day.One might expect as something more when a device thickness of more than 12 mm. With the latestAndroid version 4.4 (Kit Kat) the Moto E should be extradited

Very nice dick


With 12.3 millimeters, the Moto E Moto G is still thicker than big brother. That is almost twice as thick as the Huawei Ascend P6. The Moto E is slightly smaller than the Moto G (129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6 mm) in height and width (124.8 x 64,8 mm). Rumored to the Moto E to provide a dual-SIM functionality and have interchangeable back cover. Three backs in black, turquoise and yellow could be in included. With 140 g, the Moto E would be not just a lightweight in the entry-level market.

With the dual-SIM function could compose Motorola the Beginners of smartphone market in emerging and developing countries. Whether here in Germany a dual SIM Moto E on the market comes, we don’t currently have. In India, the first prizes for the Smartphone are located around €100. In Brazil are equivalent just under €200. Whether to verify the rumors and the prices we will see tomorrow.

Moto G cinema


The famous rumors Publisher @evleaks has tweeted just a device name, and already shrouded in new rumors about a new release from the Moto G. Maybe we see on 13 may see not only the Moto E, but also a Moto G extra to the movies, or turn?

One possibility is a slightly more expensive model of favourable Moto G, with stereo speakers. Similar to the HTC One or the Sony Z2 the sound from the phone directly to the user would be played and not like in other smartphones behind the or below.

We will know more tomorrow. Maybe we get also still a new Outlook on the Moto 360, the round Smartwatch, Motorola still in the store.